NetHappenings ©1989 – 2020 started by Internet Pioneer Gleason Sackmann ©1989  The oldest K12 Education Mailing List in the United States.

NetHappenings ©1989 started by Internet Pioneer Gleason Sackmann.

Rated #10 on Newsweek’s prestigious List of “50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet.” ~ Newsweek Dec 25, 1995 / Jan. 1, 1996
This mailing list included announcements of the first K12 school websites built in the United States, who were first citizens in the K12 world to do this.


When Gleason retired
the Net-happenings Mailing list
was given to

Karen Ellis CEO and Founder of the Educational CyberPlayGround Inc. ® 1993.

Karen Ellis has been collecting online K12 Information since 1991 before there was a World Wide Web and continues to publish NetHappenings.


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Students evidence their skills and show “proof of work” to the public.
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k12playground.comThe data base of K12 School Websites is a curated public folklore project, with  over 100,000 K12 school websites found on the

July 9, 1998 Educational CyberPlayground migrated and launched Gleason’s “Hot List” of the first school websites ever built on planet earth. This data became the first public database of school websites ever built by teachers and their students. We allowed the public to enter school information. Every submission was vetted by Karen Ellis. This has always been a curated public folklore project found by the earliest search engines circa 1996.


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Bob Dylan I Contain Multitudes Contain Multitudes ~ Bob Dylan

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Way Back Machine:MSNBC Web Picks 11/1999 : The Educational CyberPlayground, Inc.®:
A helpful resource to teachers, parents, librarians, home schoolers and even those with little or no on-line experience, to use the Internet effectively to aid teaching.- USA Today BEST BETS AWARD FOR EDUCATORS 01-09-1999
The Educational CyberPlayground, Inc.® provides teachers, parents, librarians, home schoolers and regular folks a “webliography” of links to educational resources in a wide range of subjects. With a cool choice of site maps to browse from.

USA TODAY gives the The Educational CyberPlayground, Inc.® their HOT SITE AWARD January 10, 2000

The Educational CyberPlayground, Inc.® New York Times Site Of The Day 5/2000

The Educational CyberPlayground, Inc.® Macworld High-Quality Education on the Web 50 of the Best Sites and A IS FOR ART 2000

Educational CyberPlayGround, Inc ® Hot Site Awards Educational CyberPlayGround, Inc.® K-12 School reference directory of Resource Hot Site Award USA Today | Educational CyberPlayGround®, Inc. K-12 School reference directory of Resources Hot Site Award MSNBC | Educational CyberPlayGround, Inc.® K-12 School reference directory of Resources NYT Hot Site Award
Reference directory of Resources Music, Teachers, Internet, Technology, Literacy, Arts and Linguistics for students, teachers, parents, and policy makers.

Twitter trolls cause epileptic seizures on twitter

HEALTH Twitter trolls cause epileptic seizures on twitter



Foundation says Twitter trolls have bombarded its Twitter feed with seizure-inducing content to harm epilepsy victims.
Epilepsy Foundation files criminal complaint over seizure-inducing videos posted on Twitter Foundation says Twitter trolls have bombarded its Twitter feed with seizure-inducing content to harm epilepsy victims.

The foundation says unidentified users posted flashing or strobing lights as responses to its tweets, and using popular epilepsy-related hashtags, hoping to cause seizures for people who have photosensitive epilepsy and were viewing their posts.

The attacks were carried out last month during the National Epilepsy Awareness Month “when the greatest number of people with epilepsy and seizures were likely to be following the feed,” the foundation said. Over 30 different Twitter accounts participated, it said.

These attacks are no different than a person carrying a strobe light into a convention of people with epilepsy and seizures, with the intention of inducing seizures and thereby causing significant harm to the participants,” said Allison Nichol, Esq., director of legal advocacy for the Epilepsy Foundation.