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An educator will lead our Department of Education.
I am proud to nominate Dr. Miguel Cardona to ensure our teachers are taken care of, and our children have an opportunity to thrive.



Education Secretary Skank Betsy DeVos Sued Over 455 Times, Most Ever in Department’s History

Coming from great wealth, what character flaw do you have to possess to decide you want to spend your life . . .
1) forming/running a Mercenary-For-Hire company
2) dismantling public education

Erik Prince, brother of public education privatizer Education Secretary Betsy Devos is a criminal.
#TrumpPardons war criminals #WarCrimes #NisourSquareMassacre #Blackwater #ErikPrince #TrumpPardons war criminals #WarCrimes #NisourSquareMassacre #Blackwater #ErikPrince

Trump pardoned convicted war criminals.
Four guards fired on unarmed crowd in Baghdad in 2007, killing 14. Including women and children.
Draft Dodger who called the military “suckers and losers” pardons Blackwater mercenary war criminals hired by military privatizer Erik Prince, brother of public ed privatizer Education Secretary Betsy Devos. All terribly on brand for Donald Trump and a scourge on the USA.
DeVos Urges Education Department Employees To ‘Be The Resistance’ In Biden Administration

We don’t talk enough about what a garbage human Erik Prince is.
Blackwater aka #XeServices and now known as #Academi since 2011. Erik Prince, brother of Betsy Devos, former CEO of Blackwater, is assisting China with his new company- Frontier Services Group.
He’s literally training mercenaries in Xinjiang to brutalize Uyghurs & ethnic minorites in Western China and people barely talk about it. War crimes are cool with Trump as long as they were done working for the brother of Betsy DeVos. The Nisour Square Massacre. It wasn’t a simple shooting that the pardoned Blackwater contractors committed, it was a massacre. The four Blackwater asshole goons slaughtered Iraqi women and kids who had their hands in the air. Trump pardoned these war criminals to please his buddy Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater, and brother of Betsy DeVos who tried her best to harm our children. #ErikPrince & #BetsyDeVos

Uighur Concentration Camps in China built by Erik Prince.

Remember Blackwater/Erik Prince (brother of Betsy DeVos) and Prince’s “random” meeting in the Seychelles with the Putin Oligarch? What a coincidence that Betsy is in the cabinet w/no experience, just like Elaine Chao (McConnell’s wife)’s sister on the board of the BANK of CHINA


After permit approved for whites-only church, small Minnesota town insists it isn’t racist

NAACP files suit accusing Trump, GOP of violating KKK Act

New York suspends facial recognition use in schools

K12 Educators Using Zoom
Zoom executive secretly censored users on behalf of China, DOJ says

Former Zoom Employee Wanted by the FBI for Support to Chinese Government
He was a 16 yr veteran of Zoom who was the liaison between the company and China’s security and intelligence services



Also last week, the Department announced a joint final rule with eight other federal agencies to implement Executive Order 13831, on the establishment of a White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative (May 3, 2018). This rule aims to ensure that religious and non-religious organizations are treated equally in agency-support programs, and it clarifies that religious organizations do not lose their legal protections and rights (e.g., the rights to accommodations and conscience protections under the First Amendment) just because they participate in federal programs and activities. The rule also removes requirements in prior regulations that placed unequal burdens on religious organizations (see Federal Register notice).

At the same time, the rule preserves most existing regulations governing participation of religious organizations in the Department’s financial assistance programs, including provisions barring providers from discriminating against beneficiaries based on religion and requiring that any religious activities be separated in time or location from any services directly funded with federal funding.

The nine agencies worked collaboratively to draft notices of proposed rulemaking that were published or delivered to Congress in January 2020. They received more than 95,000 public comments from a range of interested parties, including Members of Congress; state and local governments, agencies, and officials; faith-based service providers and umbrella organizations; advocacy groups; and individuals. They considered those comments, modified their rules to address concerns raised, and drafted responses that are recorded in the final rule.

This action follows past Department actions to protect religious liberty: ending enforcement of a restriction barring religious organizations from serving as contract providers of equitable services solely due to religious affiliation, updating the agency’s guidance on constitutionally protected prayer and religious expression in public elementary and secondary schools, issuing guidance to protect the religious liberty of individuals and institutions participating in Department programming, promulgating new rules to level the playing field for faith-based entities to participate in federal student aid programs, and implementing a rule to protect free inquiry and religious liberty on college campuses.

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