What I Am Thinking About Now

What I am thinking about Now.

To all the folks trying to recreate school at home, with highly structured schedules and worksheets: we teach that way in schools because of CROWD CONTROL,  and Classroom management  — not because it’s the best way to learn. Kids have a rare opportunity here to engage in deep, authentic learning instead.

After Dante Alighieri was exiled in 1302, he spent his isolation writing the Divine Comedy, a poem about Dante’s favorite poet showing Dante all his enemies in Hell. Don’t be afraid to use social isolation to write the petty, self-insert fanfic of your dreams. ~ Erik Wade

More than 43 million children, in grades K-12, out of school, and some schools won’t reopen this school year.

*K12 Remote Learning isn’t about recreating the classroom.


“CREATIVITY is the least important, most important attribute and totally absent in the U.S.” ~ Karen Ellis

Tomorrow’s Jobs- I didn’t see any robots saving us, did you?- I only saw people in the front line doing the jobs we need done to survive.

Tomorrow’s jobs aren’t about #STEAM. That won’t future proof anybody. Darwin didn’t say the strongest survived, but the most ADAPTABLE! ~ Karen Ellis

We’re all in it together but we’re all in it alone, if you don’t know how to find the answers you will be lost in today’s world.

Covid-19 and The Digital Divide

Comcast waiving data caps hasn’t hurt its network—why not make it permanent?
Philanthropy never makes up for worker exploitation which created the wealth for a few.

Brian Roberts 5 million dollar tax write off buys 50,000 Chromebooks  making Google rich.
220 Philadelphia public schools across Philadelphia have needed these for the past 20 years. Students haven’t been able to learn from home without laptops, all this time.
Schools have already given out an estimated 40,000 laptops already in school buildings to students and families. Roberts didn’t hire anyone to distribute the laptops. Once the equipment is received at the School District headquarters, it will be dispensed between April 13 and 17. Philadelphia School District is asking teachers to take computers to students themselves. Imagine! the Chutpza and it took this long for teachers to get trained to support distance learning.

Some Good News
Do you need fantastically good news you’ll want to spread around? The Internet Archive, recognizing the National Emergency in place, has created the National Emergency Library – an 1,400,000 ebook library with no waitlists (!!!)
Over 180 institutions and individuals have signed a statement of why this National Emergency Library (at archive.org/NEL) needs to exist. Again, this is over 1,400,000 ebooks you can check out immediately, assign in your classes, read to your children, heal your mind.

Privacy Rights

Evil done under the cover of their malfeasance – also suspended all EPA regulations.

Protect Encryption