Bitcoin Has Reached the Point of No Return Where Nothing Can Stop It


Sorry, Donald Trump: Bitcoin Has Reached the Point of No Return Where Nothing Can Stop It | by Sylvain Saurel


You have a big wad of dirty money you need cleaned.
You trade that cash for USDT.
You buy a bunch of Bitcoin/ETH/whatever
You sell that asset back to USD
Your money is not only clean, you have passed off the worthless middleman token (USDT) to a greater fool.
Stupid simple

The Bisq DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is a decentralized governance mechanism for the Bisq software, built on Bitcoin. It takes the place of a company.

How good can decentralized software possibly be if it’s still controlled by a single entity, like a company?

Decentralized software is no good without decentralized governance.

That’s why Bisq is not a company or legal entity of any kind—instead, it’s organized as a DAO. The DAO handles the software’s funding and strategy-making to enable the Bisq network to thrive, and at the same time, harden it against attacks on the infrastructure that powers its leadership and operation.

In a nutshell, the Bisq DAO enables Bisq to become even more censorship-resistant, a core principle of the project from the very beginning.

A brief Introduction to Bisq

Getting Started with Bisq

Bisq Network Documentation



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