Pfizer CEO “An Answer” by the end of October

Pfizer CEO On Coronavirus Vaccine: ‘We Will Have An Answer By The End Of October’

Albert Bourla, chief executive officer of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, talks  about the “historic pledge” made by nine drugmakers to not rush out a coronavirus vaccine without proper testing and says Pfizer will only submit a vaccine for authorization “when we have evidence of safety and efficacy.” He predicts that Pfizer “will have an answer by the end of October,” but adds that that does not mean actual distribution of a vaccine.
Drugmakers join to pledge no safety shortcuts for COVID-19 vaccine
Drugmakers racing to produce Covid-19 vaccines pledged to avoid shortcuts on science as they face pressure to rush a shot to market.
AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 shot trials on hold after suspected reaction
Trials of thee COVID-19 vaccine being developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca have been placed on a hold after a suspected dangerously bad reaction to the shot, Stat News reported.

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