Boogie Stomp! documentary film tells the story of boogie woogie origins

#boogie documentary film, Boogie Woogie, Detroit Bob Baldori, Bob Seeley Chuck Berry, Meade Lux Lewis. Dan Cassidy is in the film. Learn the Irish etymology of Jazz, Jizz, Jive & Boogie.

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Boogie Stomp! is a documentary film that will tell the story of boogie woogie, its origins, subsequent history and ongoing development while profiling its two greatest living players – Bob Seeley and Bob Baldori. Seeley spent his formative years playing with Meade Lux Lewis and other Jazz greats. Though playing in obscurity for decades at Charley’s Crab in Detroit, he became known to insiders as the best boogie and stride player in the world.
Learn the Irish etymology of Jazz, Jizz, Jive & Boogie.
Find footage of American Book Award Winner Daniel Cassidy who said, “We used the words boogie and boogaloo to mean move fast or depart quickly with no reference to music.”~ Dan Cassidy
Find The source of giniker and the source Jazz. Word origin of Jazz, Irish American Vernacular English and the hidden influence of Irish and Scots-Gaelic on what we call American English, and the history of Jazz.

Fellow Detroiter Bob Baldori has a rich rock history, and has played piano and harmonica with Chuck Berry since 1966. Together, they have teamed up and hit the road to revive America’s forgotten music. Compelling story, riveting performances, fascinating interviews, foot-stompin’ concert and dance clips, tour footage from around the world.