Educational CyberPlayGround, Inc. NetHappenings and K12Newsletters 6.2.19

Educational CyberPlayGround, Inc. NetHappenings and K12Newsletters 6.2.19


  • Find a School – Discover the right school for your child.

  • The history of sign language

  • The contemporary Icelandic belief in elves explained

  • Anatomy of a Perfect Album: On Joni Mitchell’s Blue

  • Joel Bernstein lifetime achievement award for photography

  • Virality Is Dead

  • David Epstein on the Genius of the Self-Taught Musician

  • Personas of a Rock ‘N’ Roll Icon

  • 737 MAX Disaster fatal consequences

  • US Customs Facial Recognition Photos Data Breach

  • Why airport face scans are a privacy trap

  • GPS Degraded Across Much of US

  • Online Spreadsheet Discloses Museum Workers’ Salaries

Find a School – Discover the right school for your child.
Find and compare K12 Schools and School Districts in the USA and Territories.


The history of sign language

Anatomy of a Perfect Album: On Joni Mitchell’s Blue
Mitchell starts the record right off with wanderlust, her first words: I am on a lonely road and I am traveling, traveling, traveling, traveling, amplifying the feeling later: I am on a lonely road and I am traveling / Looking for the key to set me free. By boat, plane, foot, and ice skate, her whims and fancies take her to a Greek island, Paris (she doesn’t like it there), Spain, Las Vegas, maybe Amsterdam and Rome, and return home to her Ithaca, which is California. You hear Mitchell’s original Canadian-ness when she lands on the word “sorrow” as “soe-row” on “Little Green,” a poignant 1967 song, revived for this recording, from the perspective of a young single mother, also in the reverent way she intones the Canadian national anthem, “O Canada,” in the middle of “A Case of You.”

Friend  JOEL BERNSTEIN Musician / Photographer / Writer / Archivist  Compilation of Photographs – all the album covers you know
2018 IPHF FEATURES PROFILE ON JOEL FOR HIS LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD [ friend during junior high / high school times ]

Images of rock legends from Laurel Canyon

Virality Is Dead
I’m an independent concert promoter going on 40 years now. My clients are now only a few, and I work them nationwide. Without question, Facebook “boosted posts” are quietly putting radio and print out of business in terms of how to get the word out on a cost-effective basis. And you don’t really need virality anymore in order to promote an artist or event.
I’m not talking Facebook “ads,” but “boosted posts.” Users see these posts from the artist’s page in their newsfeeds and can share them organically, unlike “ads,” which cannot be shared. I used to spend thousands of dollars breaking a show with print ads and radio. I won’t mention the act or the market, but recently I spent $1000 on a print ad in a major metropolitan market and… in a literal example of the old saying… “Did 10 tickets.” That’s right. I sold exactly 10 tickets, not even covering the cost of the ad. I spent a fraction of that amount on boosted Facebook posts and did 500 tickets. And you wonder how the Russians spent only $100k on Facebook and turned an entire election in 2016? ~ Brian Martin”

David Epstein on the Genius of the Self-Taught Musician

What David Bowie Borrowed From William Burroughs On the Shifting Personas of a Rock ‘N’ Roll Icon

Online Spreadsheet Discloses Museum Workers’ Salaries
In another sign of increasing demand for transparency at art institutions across the world, museum workers have begun making public their salary rates via a Google Spreadsheet document that began circulating on Friday morning. Titled Art/Museum Salary Transparency 2019, the document allows users to add information about the terms of their employment and their rates of pay at some of the biggest museums in the world.

Folklore: The contemporary Icelandic belief in elves explained

Overview of the ArtPlace/DAISA initiative (download a copy of the report) here:
The report argues that “integrating artistic and cultural practices with food and agriculture enables a creative and inclusive process and ensures community members see their identities, histories, and interests reflected in the work.” ~ Clifford Murphy – Folk & Traditional Arts Director | Multidisciplinary Arts National Endowment for the Arts


Don’t smile for surveillance: Why airport face scans are a privacy trap

How Boeing’s Bean-Counters Courted the 737 MAX Disaster Just when the smallest jet should have been replaced with a new model, the company fell into tight-fisted hands—with fatal consequences.

US Customs And Border Protection’s Database Of Traveler Facial Recognition Photos Was Stolen In A Data Breach
“CBP learned that a subcontractor … transferred copies of license plate images and traveler images collected by CBP to the subcontractor’s company network. The subcontractor’s network was subsequently compromised by a malicious cyber-attack.”

GPS Degraded Across Much of US
Blog Editor’s Note: Even as a Presidential Advisory Board was discussing GPS as “the Gold Standard” for satellite-based navigation last week, the system may have been operating in a degraded mode.
On Sunday the Federal Aviation Administration held a teleconference to discuss the issue that seems to have persisted for several days.  While not “failing,” GPS signal quality seems to have degraded and this is impacting some equipment and services. Specifically, the aviation safety Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast system has been impacted across much of the United States. FAA has posted the following map depicting the areas impacted:
These problems have delayed and cancelled flights, possibly by the thousands. The FAA seems to have addressed some of this problem by issuing waivers for some aircraft to fly without operable ADS-B safety systems, as long as they stay on pre-planned routes and below 28,000 ft altitude.
Speculation on some on-line forums point to specific manufactures’ equipment and aircraft that are primarily effected. Previous degradation in GPS signal quality, such as the SVN-23 caused problem in January 2016, have shown that equipment from different vendors react differently to the problem. Some are unaffected, some go offline, and some just perform poorly.
The January 2016 SVN-23 degradation caused much of the nation’s ADS-B system to be unavailable for much of the day. Other receivers and systems were impacted also. Cellular networks, first responder systems, digital broadcast, and numerous other systems were impacted.
Watchstanders at the US Coast Guard Navigation Center seemed unaware of the problem early Monday morning, but promised to investigate and respond.


Facebook Responds to Global Coalition’s Demand That Users Get a Say in Content Removal Decisions

This Business Insider article was originally published May 13, 2010

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his company are suddenly facing a big new round of scrutiny and criticism about their cavalier attitude toward user privacy. An early instant messenger exchange Mark had with a college friend won’t help put these concerns to rest.

According to SAI sources, the following exchange is between a 19-year-old Mark Zuckerberg and a friend shortly after Mark launched The Facebook in his dorm room:

Zuck: Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard
Zuck: Just ask.
Zuck: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS
[Redacted Friend’s Name]: What? How’d you manage that one?
Zuck: People just submitted it.
Zuck: I don’t know why.

Zuck: They “trust me”
Zuck: Dumb fucks.


#DeleteFacebook your info is breached again and again and again and again and again

Mercer, Zuckerberg, Sandberg, Page, Brinn, Dorsey Handmaidens to Authoritarism

Esteemed Reporter Carole Cadwalla takes down piece of shit Mark Zuckerberg at TedTalk

Years of Mark Zuckerberg’s old Facebook posts have vanished. The company says it ‘mistakenly deleted’ them.

Zuckerberg reportedly has a secret escape chute beneath his conference room

#Zuckerberg is a liar and the Congress is paid to Ignore this

A withering verdict: MPs report on Zuckerberg, Russia and Cambridge Analytica


EFF and more than 100 civil society organizations across the globe wrote directly to Mark Zuckerberg recently demanding greater transparency and accountability for Facebook content moderation practices. A key step, we told Facebook, is implementation of a robust appeals process giving all users the power to challenge and reverse the platform’s content removal decisions.


Media bias “electable”, “authentic”, “likable” against #women on the 2020 campaign

Media bias against women on the 2020 campaign trail is already starting to ramp up, @jess_mc explains

Media bias against women, #electable, #likeable, #authentic

we like #uncorruptable #women

Elizabeth Warren is likable, authentic, and electable plus she is  #uncorruptable look at her policy plans.

Reparations by Jonathan Weiss Esq.


If the Democrats run a campaign for Presidency featuring an endorsement of reparations to current Blacks for the horrors of slavery and the inhuman aftermath, they will likely lose. The furor and backlash over bussing (which is some cases entailed busses not passing by nearer white schools) will seem minor by comparison.

Unfortunately, it may be too late. Its revival is due to the Reverend Al Sharpton (the title reportedly self bestowed when he was in 5th grade and he does not appear to have a flock) who now is positioned publicly so liberals, at least, have to kiss his ring and accept his urging of “reparations” without definitions or categories. He came to prominence for his advocacy of what turned out to be the Tamara Brawley racial abuse hoax, his racial divisiveness with the fire in Freddy’s Pizza, and demonstrations and a boycott against a Korean grocer. He parlayed this fame into an organization, a TV show, and many public and media appearances. This fame does not prove his seeking endorsement of “reparations” is right.

Some past reparations have been both justified and possible. Jews, after the Holocaust. received payments for the atrocities perpetuated and genocide. The United States disgraced itself, well before Guantamo (with no reparation foreseeable) by placing thousands of Japanese in concentration camps after imposing curfews first. The Supreme Court upheld this outrage (based in parts on purposeful lies by the Department of Justice). Over forty years later, Congress voted some recompense. (Disclosure. As part of the Board of the Asian American Legal Defense fund, I participated in the advocacy for this partial redress. I was gratified to me Fred Korematsu.)

If current American reparations were possible the first group to receive them should be the Natives or Native Americans or Indians or Native Indians. They were massacred, driven from their lands, enslaved, pushed on death marches, had treaties broken, still have treaties broken, sacred land denied or degraded, receive unequal treatment even when displaced from the land with which they identify (and maintained, it appears, with ecological wisdom) into cities. (About Oakland, see “Very, Very” by Terry Orange.) Their oppression and exclusion is such that they have not produced the famous American leaders and artists as have the oppressed Blacks – with contributing cultural identity – from Frederic Douglas to Booker T. Washington to Malcolm X. and others (Martin Luther King, Jr. has his holiday. ) Music from Scott Joplin, to the classical composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk (partially Jewish) to Jelly Roll Morton and the explosion of jazz; then rythmn and blues, rock and roll, hip hop, break dancing, and rap. Tap is one of the great dance forms. Literature: the whole Harlem renaissance, Ralph Ellison. Lankford Hughes, Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes, etc. These are major American achievements. The history of sports has been transformed with integration. The one famous Indian athlete Jim Thorpe was half Irish.

Let us affirm that after slavery came racial discrimination and brutality with Jim Crow. Lynching, torturing, treating workers like slaves except for the shining ten years of Reconstruction (often misrepresented in histories- “carpetbaggers” – movies, etc/) with many Black legislators State and Federal and voting rights – which are still being curtailed by racists. Even now we observe clear segregation, discrimination, and inequality. Besides some new laws (e.g. repeal current war on drugs with unequal incarceration, voting rights protection etc.) with proper enforcement, how would “reparations” be properly effectuated?

The Liberians present a particular problem. They were sent from slavery to their own African country. Now, here in the wrong “immigration status”, they are sometimes deported as not being Americans. What are they owed?

To whom?: Many of those identified and identifying as Black have very mixed “racial ancestry.”(Little noted is how the enslaved Indians and Blacks were thrown together so that a large number of Black families have Indians in their family tree.) Should there be a DNA test – at what percentage (the drop of blood theory is an old racist construct)?

What about those descended from people that were always free and demonstrably so?

What about recent arrivals of Africans and those from the Caribbean with black ancestors , some of whom may be been slaves?

Should there be an income or status limit?

From whom: Would there be an attempt to derive money from those who enslaved, including other Africans, sold the suffering, including Arabs, the descendants of the owners of slave ships or just Americans? Which Americans? Refugees and immigrants or their descendants who arrived after the Civil War, end of the outrageous doctrine of “Separate but Equal” or after the Civil Rights Act? What about those who devoted their careers to Civil Rights? Do they get a pass?

Affirmative action is a type of reparation. Certainly it redresses historical exclusion. But, the difficult ethical question of why punish innocent contemporaries arises.

“Reparations” has moral reverberations. But, because of time (if only reconstruction had lasted! – maybe with its promise of 40 acres and a mule) the practical factors militate against it being a policy rather than a slogan. Most certainly, it should not distract people of good will from dealing with the horrendous continuing mistreatment of Native Americans.