Proposal announcement from NASA to partner on STEM Education

“NASA Office of Education, in cooperation with NASA Headquarters’ Office of the Chief Technologist and Mission Directorates (Aeronautics Research, Human Exploration and Operation, and Science), is publicizing an opportunity to partner with NASA on a noexchange-of-funds basis to achieve high-impact, nation-wide results for STEM education.
NASA has a variety of resources, including those listed in Appendix 1, which may be available for STEM education partnerships. NASA turns to partners to leverage the Agency’s STEM education resourcesto achieve mutually beneficial goals. NASA seeks high-impact national scale results that will help the Agency achieve its strategic goals and outcomes for education (see 2. Background). NASA seeks to broaden the STEM education audience and include diverse individuals who are underrepresented in STEM education. NASA Education recognizes the untapped potential of strategic partnerships, including public-private partnerships, for advancing national goals for STEM education. This Announcement specifically seeks requests for partnering with NASA outside of traditional tools such as grants, cooperative agreements, or contracts.
Federal STEM efforts (National Science and Technology Council 2012) advocate forbroadening participation and inclusion of diverse individuals (such as
persons with disabilities, women, and ethnic or racial minorities) in STEM education.
NASA Education, therefore, continually strives to increase its impact in areas of greatest
national need by casting a wider geographic net and increasing programs and services to
underserved and underrepresented populations.