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Water on the Moon

The business of Moon Water.
So now you own the moon crater where they have located the water. Your little Moon Water business will bottles it, and sell it to NASA for $9000.00 a bottle so that it won’t cost NASA $10,000.00 a bottle to put it on the rocket for the astronauts. Banda bing!

Turbine Blades do not kill the birds

Painting Wind Turbine Blades Black Help Birds Avoid Deadly Collisions | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

Swordfish  are killing sharks on a regular basis

Swordfish are killing sharks on a regular basis, apparently

DDT Dumped off Catalina pollution for years

How the waters off Catalina became a DDT dumping ground

Trump made money from the beauty pageant in Russia.

“The Trump Organization has never disclosed how much it was paid to hold the beauty pageant in Russia. But Trump’s lawyers told the Senate Judiciary Committee  that the Trump Org made $12.2 million from foreign sources that year, and a “substantial portion” came from the Moscow event.


Who told the vendors not to send PPE equipment and supplies?

CyberPlayGround NetHappenings©1989Who told the vendors not to send PPE equipment and supplies?

FACT CHECK JUDY MIKOVITS #JudyMikovits #JudyMikovitz 

Jarad Kushner Airbridge Program Medical Supply Chain“Project Airbridge,” the White House’s much-touted program to airlift medical supplies from other countries, has little to show for the tax dollars spent.

At least 100 million Americans can move around again. Public health experts warn this increased activity is likely to cause a surge of new infections. Cases are continuing to rise in many of the states where governors have been most aggressive in opening public spaces and businesses that rely on close personal contact, like salons and gyms. None have met the federal government’s core recommendation of a two-week decline in reported cases.

U.S. Turned Down Offer To Manufacture Millions Of N95 Masks As Coronavirus Spread. After the first COVID-19 case was detected in January, a company offered to make millions of N95 masks. A federal agency said no.
Michael Bowen, the owner of medical supply company Prestige Ameritech, told the Department of Health and Human Services that he could begin producing 1.7 million N95 masks a week, only to be deniedThe Washington Post first reported.
Laura Wolf, director of the agency’s Division of Critical Infrastructure Protection, responded that the government wasn’t “anywhere near answering those questions for you yet” in response to Bowen’s offer.
“We are the last major domestic mask company,” Bowen emailed the next day. “My phones are ringing now, so I don’t ‘need’ government business. I’m just letting you know that I can help you preserve our infrastructure if things ever get really bad. I’m a patriot first, businessman second.”

11/07/2019 When the EPA and the FDA fail to work together
For decades a chemical used to sterilize medical devices and surgery tools has been the only option to ensure safe devices for billions of critical health care procedures.
But the chemical, ethylene oxide, has been shown to cause cancer, and growing panic among people living near plants that sterilize medical devices has led to a major crackdown and the shutdown of the factories in several states.

Who told the vendors not to send equipment and supplies?

Michigan Governor Claims Federal Government Told Vendors ‘Not to Send Stuff Here’

Trump ‘Criminal negligence’:
Trump officials ignored offer of 7 million N95 masks per month in early days of pandemic.


“We’re really a second line of attack.  The first line of attack is supposed to be the hospitals and the local government and the states, the states themselves,” Trump said.  “You have to understand, this has to be managed by local government and by the governors, it can’t be managed by the federal government,” Trump later said.

(Again,federal law requires the federal government to manage the so-called “strategic national stockpile” of medical supplies.  Trump vaguely referenced the stockpile without naming it by saying there was a “broken chain” of “monster warehouses” and that he was “filling it up very strongly.)

The federal law requires the federal government to manage the so-called “strategic national stockpile” of medical supplies. 

Watch Rep. Katie Porter’s sister, who happens to be a doctor, explain exactly why staying home is saving lives Rep. Katie Porter’s sister, who happens to be a doctor, explain exactly why staying home is saving lives

Schools Out – do a project Carnegie STEM Girls: Do It Yourself Science

Carnegie STEM Girls: Do It Yourself Science

From homemade bath bombs to toothbrush-and-rubber-band robots, the Do It Yourself Science collection from Carnegie STEM Girls has over three dozen at-home experiments for aspiring scientists. The experiments show that “you can demonstrate cool scientific principles and test out your ideas with everyday objects found all around you.”

Each experiment is accompanied by a materials list and set of instructions, and most also feature additional content.

For example, the “Edible DNA” experiment links to information on related careers in biology and neurobiology, while the “Scribble Bots” experiment includes a couple of electricity-themed fun facts.

Make a video that shows us what you learned – or explain what you did then upload it. Evidence your skills Proof of work – show you know what you know, display your skills!!!!!!

link to your video from your school information page located here on the site hashtag #Covid-19

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