COVID-19, privacy, and school recordings by Becky Richards

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Dear Becky,

K12 Students Privacy rights across the nation need you help. Wish you would direct someone to take on the K12 Department of Education.


The big biz of spying on little kids

Google’s Apps for Education contracts with schools suffer from gaping student privacy protection loopholes. School Administrators signed a contract that does NOT protect their students from data collection for the ultimate purposes of monetization as Google represents.

ETHICS — There isn’t a single school district with a K-12 CPO.
In fact, it is still extremely rare for districts to hire even one full-time employee dedicated to privacy.

Student Privacy Bill Protection : No Parental Consent Needed for Data Mining

The Journal Report: Parents Mostly Clueless About Student Data Privacy Laws

Data broker tried to sell personal info on a million kids but didn’t tell state officials.


Who is senior-level official who is responsible for the organization’s privacy policies and data governance in your school district?

Teachers and School Districts MUST follow the law and protect children’s privacy!!!

Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems, or SLDS.
That marked the entrance of big data into education, enabled by the leaps forward in the ability to store and process information on remote servers “in the cloud.”

Rebecca “Becky” Richards 

first civil liberties and privacy officer (CLPO).
NSA Civil Liberties and Privacy Director — BIO PDF

COVID-19, privacy, and school recordings

by Becky Richards

Imagine being the school administrator when you realize that one of your student’s parents is in charge of privacy at the NSA and isn’t happy with your video recording policies for remote learning.

Rebecca “Becky” Richards joined the National Security Agency as its first Director of Civil Liberties and Privacy in February 2014. Her primary job is to provide expert advice to the Director and oversee NSA’s civil liberties and privacy activities. She is also responsible for developing measures to further strengthen NSA’s privacy and civil liberties protection.

There had been a short discussion of recording classes followed by an even shorter discussion of the fact that the school is in a two-party consent state. So I didn’t think much more of the discussion until this consent to record showed up quietly the Friday of Labor Day weekend, taunting me, poking at me, gnawing at me and eventually just outright leading me to the outrage that someone thought it was a good idea to write a legally compliant consent that had a threat at the end.

So, I decided to apply my day job as the civil liberties and privacy officer at the U.S. National Security Agency to my parenting job. Though not something I had expected, it seemed to me this was an important teachable moment for the school and kids about how to make thoughtful choices for privacy, civil liberties and teaching.

There may be times particularly with older children or adults during which recording the sessions makes sense, but when we are working with K-8 that needs are necessarily different. So I started a conversation with my school and refused to sign the consent.

I expressed concerns that the consent was very broad and protective of the institution but had no protections in place for the children. There were no stated controls on who would use the recordings or why they were being done beyond operational uses and instances when a child was having a one-on-one conversation with a teacher and no parent was available.

Classes were not recorded when they were in person, so why should they be now? Just because you can, does not mean you should. If there was a benefit to this, why did not we do it earlier during in-person classes?

What are the benefits of recording a class? Are they available for students and parents at a later date, if the material wasn’t understood, more review was needed or a child was out of class? Perhaps they are available for administration to review to improve teaching and/or provide feedback on the teaching or accountability for one-on-one meetings between the child and the teacher.

What are the risks of recording a class? Children may be less willing to participate, children become acclimated to always being recorded (or surveilled), a misstep in class is now caught on camera and available for all to see rather than it being a one-time misstep. Without proper access controls, those not normally in the class could access the sessions and take teaching and interactions out of context. These are “windows” into families’ private lives, into our homes, and potentially capturing others collaterally having nothing to do with the school. If it was just the teacher and audio of the students, that would be less intrusive but still concerning.

And alas, I always have to ask, “Is it muted?” Which is concerning, given I’m asking an 11-year-old if it is OK to talk in my own house. What precedent are we setting for our children for acceptable behavior?

While cellphones, cameras and recordings seem to be pervasive, they are not the full solution to concerns with what is happening in a school, class or society. They are one piece of the puzzle, and we need to treat them as such.

I appreciate that perhaps there wasn’t time to think through how these videos will be used, but it is incumbent upon the school to have this all thought through before starting the recordings. So I decided to provide them input on how they could use this policy as an opportunity to build trust through civil liberties and privacy protections and be more transparent.  

Here are some of the examples of improved civil liberties and privacy protections I offered, which you may find helpful if you are finding that your kids’ classes are being recorded:

  • Videos are available for a shorter time (say one week) so that children in the class can review them in case they missed the class.
  • Only families who have children in the class can view the videos rather than the entire school.
  • If there is a one-on-one meeting with a child, perhaps this is recorded and then, upon review by the family, is deleted rather than being kept for long periods of time.
  • No recordings should be done for religious activities.
  • Clearly written notices describing the practices that will be taking place.

The school has been listening since I approached them and were very quick to respond that their intention wasn’t to record everything or surveil the students, but none of that was in the policy — it only protected the school and told parents that we couldn’t use the recordings for any purposes at all.

After a lengthy discussion with the school, they agreed to issue a policy that teachers will only record themselves, no student interactions; one-on-one interactions without a parent will be recorded and retained for seven days, and the parent will be asked to review to ensure there is no concerning behavior; no religious activities will be recorded; any recordings of parent meeting will start with a notification that the event is being recorded, and individuals should turn off their cameras if they do not wish to be recorded. This creates good civil liberties and privacy protections and transparency about the policy for all.

As we concluded the call, our head of school noted she appreciated the conversation and the outcome, but this was not anything covered in her training to be a teacher or school administrator.

It seems like it is time to start adding these to the curriculum for everyone.

Rebecca Richards is the director of civil liberties and privacy at the U.S. National Security Agency.


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Director, Civil Liberties, Privacy, and Transparency Office

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To be clear, the state of Florida never closed the beaches along its 1,350 miles (2,173 kilometers) of shoreline, except in South Florida — a hot spot for coronavirus infections. Decisions on beach closures have been left in the hands of local governments, and when Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a “safer at home” order on April 1, he specifically said walking, running and swimming were essential activities.
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