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1. I’m a whole person, not a robot
2. I will always speak truth to power, party be damned
3. I will use my platform for social good
4. The economy should remain shut down until Steve Mnuchin can live for 10 weeks on $1,200.

“We don’t have nearly enough technological optimism in our popular culture (movies etc). Everything is dystopias. This unbalance is deeply harmful. We need to be thinking about not just the bad we need to avoid but also the good we should be striving for. If people created technologies that inspired creatives to see visions of things other than dystopias then maybe they would write about them.
Let’s be clear that treatments are more expensive than vaccines since it means you entered the healthcare system with symptoms and a vaccine is prophylactic so you don’t incur additional healthcare costs.
The conspiracy then continues to suggest that It’s not that people are being stupid about quarantine, but that they are infected with COVID-19 and are being compelled by neurological symptoms to spread the virus to as many people as possible. It’s outside of their control.” ~ anon

“Want to re-open the economy? I have sourced COVID-19 15 minute test kits from European providers. Minimum lot of 10,000. Municipalities, health care providers, and corporations, only. I will not sell to private individuals. Otherwise, slide into my DMs for more info.”

Last month was the first March without a school shooting in the United States since 2002.
Congrats everyone! We defeated school shootings and all it took was closing every school in America.
For this years graduating seniors, this is the first March in their lifetimes without a shooting.



Why laws needed to break up monopoly
#Amazon to suspend delivery service competing with UPS, FedEx Inc will suspend a delivery service that aims to compete with UPS and FedEx in the United States.


HongKong #Patriot

Martin Lee, founder of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, was arrested today together with many of #HongKong’s most prominent citizens. Martin is the elder statesman of Hong Kong democracy.


University of Southern CA
Hot Pockets Heiress Michelle Janavs Sentenced to 5 Months Imprisonment in College Admissions Scam
Janavs, whose family developed the (unhealthy) microwaveable snack before selling their company, which is now owned by Nestlé, had earlier pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering in the far-reaching college admissions scandal.


Students call for “universal pass”
The coalition is advocating for a system where students would receive credit for every class — including distributional requirements — and receive a “P” instead of a letter grade on their transcripts.
“Universal pass is just a very fair grading system,” Huang said. “People come from different circumstances.” Arguments in favor of universal pass center on the idea that campus is an equalizer.

#Trump #Fraud #Graft #VOTE

3/13/2020 No Test Trump “I don’t take responsibility at all.” ~ Trump

Trump’s Insincere Sincerity
Hello chinese corona virus
Darling you rook marvelous
You know id rather look good than feel good
You know who you are

Romans Used to Ward Off Sickness With Flying Penis Amulets



#Trump #Fraud #Graft

A president unfit for a pandemic – The Boston Globe

Don’t believe the numbers you see‘: Johns Hopkins professor says up to 500,000 Americans have coronavirus


Mr Trump said: “When somebody is the president of the United States, the authority is total.
“It’s total. The governors know that.”
He added: “That being said, we’re going to work with the states.”

Trump is a traitor and his crime family is the enemy.

Just a reminder that our current president has been hit by the Stone Cold Stunner

#SupplyChaiN #supply-chain #PIRATE

Illinois reportedly organized secret flights bringing masks from China
GOVERNMENT PIRACY Tell America it’s on its own, then intervene to pirate PPE shipments. #TrumpCrimeFamily #TrumpCrimesCommission

The #Trump administration proposed in its fiscal year 2019 budget to cut funding for the CDC by 20 percent, from $7.2 billion to $5.7 billion. If passed by Congress, that would bring the CDC back to its lowest level of funding since 2003.

The drug industry is showing that even in a crisis, it can use its influence in Washington to fight off efforts to cut into its profits. Industry lobbyists successfully blocked attempts this week to include language in the $8.3 billion emergency coronavirus spending bill that would have threatened intellectual property rights for any vaccines and treatments the government decides are priced unfairly.

Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette Believes Trump Gifting Ventilators to Political Allies

#Coronavirus: Democrats demand details of Jared Kushner’s involvement in #Supply chain

****Nobody***** is talking about this
—–>In Pursuit of #PPE<——

As a chief physician executive, I rarely get involved in my health system’s supply-chain activities. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed that. Protecting our caregivers is essential so that these talented professionals can safely provide compassionate care to our patients. Yet we continue to be stymied by a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE), and the cavalry does not appear to be coming.


Edward Snowden On Trump, Privacy, And Threats To Democracy

This Small Company Is Turning Utah Into a Surveillance Panopticon


QUESTION: Who or which business stands to make the most money if there aren’t any tests?

A Pandemic Killed Trump’s Grandpa. This One Could Destroy His Presidency.

Brazil: Judge bans missionaries from indigenous reserve over Covid-19 fears #Jesus

LDS Church discloses the $37.8 billion stock portfolio of its biggest investment fund

A #DeVos-Linked Group Promoted the Right-Wing “Operation Gridlock” Tantrum in Michigan

Trump’s seditious “LIBERATE” tweets were on the same date as Virginia’s secession.

Asked about the crowded beaches in #Florida, Dr. Birx replies: “I am not going to second judge” the county health officials there.

No, Governor DeSantis, that is not how masks work

Repuglican Bob Brooks PA must have learned to do it from DeSantis JPG

The Trump administration’s failure

Sixty-six senators are over age 60 — two-thirds of the body — with more than a quarter over 70. The average age of House members is 57.6 years, according to the Congressional Research Service.

#Trump is killing his own supporters’even White House insiders know it

US coronavirus testing needs to go up by 350,000 per day, researchers say

Scant testing in US migration system risks spreading virus The Trump administration’s failure to test all but a small percentage of detained immigrants

The richest Pastors in America: Total: $1.06
Total donated to COVID-19 assistance $0.00
Kenneth Copeland $760M Pat Robertson $100M Benny Hinn $60M Joel Osteen $40M Credulous Dollar $27M Rick Warren $25M Franklin Graham $25M T.D. Jakes $18M Joyce Meyer $8M
“President George W. Bush in 2005: “There is no pandemic flu in our country or in the world at this time. But if we wait for a pandemic to appear, it will be too late to prepare. And one day many lives could be needlessly lost because we failed to act today. Do you realize what a colossal fuckup you need to be to make George W. Bush look like a hero of science?

4/6/2020 Eight states, all of them with Republican governors, have yet to order residents to stay home: Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. Georgia, which has recorded 6,600 cases and more than 200 deaths, ordered residents to stay home but then allowed some beaches to reopen.
To be clear, the state of Florida never closed the beaches along its 1,350 miles (2,173 kilometers) of shoreline, except in South Florida — a hot spot for coronavirus infections. Decisions on beach closures have been left in the hands of local governments, and when Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a “safer at home” order on April 1, he specifically said walking, running and swimming were essential activities.
After that order, Volusia County, home to the famed Daytona Beach, opened its beaches with restrictions on April 4. While exercise was allowed, beach volleyball wasn’t.

@jack loves the bitcoin and now he has a bank

The National #Cowboy Museum Put Their Head Of Security In Charge Of Twitter Account
Whatever job or industry you might be in, chances are you’ve experienced performing a duty outside your job description. Depending on the nature of the duty, the experience can either be exhausting or exciting. Luckily, it is the latter for Tim Send, head of security at the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma. Apparently, the museum has been generating quite a buzz online for putting Send in charge of their social media accounts.

Sportsbooks are dark and odds are long in Las Vegas
Nobody would have given odds on this.
Inside the glittering casinos that line the Las Vegas Strip

Sunlight destroys virus quickly, new govt. tests find, but experts say pandemic could last through summer

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Top 5 Voted The Most Evil Companies in Tech

Top 5 worst companies out of 30


#1 Amazon  Jeff Bezos
#2 Facebook Mark Zuckerberg
#3  Alphabet Sundar Pichai
#4 Palantir Technologies  Alex Karp
# 5 Uber Dara Khosrowshahi

by @felixsalmon
 & others

2020 birthdays

2020 birthdays

Lyft: 8
Snapchat: 9
Instagram: 10
Uber: 11
Twitter: 14
Reddit: 15
YouTube: 15
Facebook: 16
Tesla: 17
Google: 22
Mozilla: 22
Netflix: 23
Amazon: 26
Qualcomm: 35
Apple: 44
Microsoft: 45
AMD: 51
Intel: 52
Sony: 74
HP: 81
Samsung: 82
Disney: 97
IBM: 109
Nintendo: 131

Get the Ring Camera out of your house now!

24/7 surveillance ring camera

Your Police want to GIVE you the Ring Camera so they can practice total surveillance over everybody, just like China!

If you don’t take the camera from them you’ll get put on the list of people who aren’t cooperating with the police! Your Social Credit Score is going to go down Just Like Happened In China!

Get Ready America! get used to 24/7 surveillance and giving up your privacy rights.

Your Police Department is being used to shill for Amazon and get you to allow them to defeat your privacy. Ring has essentially enlisted police departments as salespeople for its video doorbells.

police surveillance with ring camera give away

Neighbors Data Let Us Map Amazon’s Home Surveillance Network

Ring also launched Neighbors, which is essentially a neighborhood watch app that allows residents to post doorbell footage and interact with each other.

  1. Ring, the doorbell-camera firm, has partnered with 400 police forces
    Aug 28, 2019 … “If the police demanded every citizen put a camera at their door and give … has partnered with 400 police forces, extending surveillance concerns …… The company said it began phasing out the giveaway program for new …
  2. Amazon’s helping police build a surveillance network with Ring …
    Jun 5, 2019 … Your Ring camera could be a part of a police surveillance network …. While police need to ask for permission to get footage, a giveaway …
  3. Cops Are Offering Ring Doorbell Cameras in Exchange for Info –
    Aug 2, 2019 … Some departments have given out free or discounted Ring devices to the …. by lobbying for Community Control Over Police Surveillance laws.
  4. Report Says Ring, Police Signed Secret Agreement to Give Away …
    Jul 30, 2019 … While an increased number of surveillance cameras and a larger data pool for police to dig through —as well as the ability for residents to …



‘We Don’t Feel Safe:’ Waterbury Family’s Ring Cameras Hacked …

Staten Island man hacked into Ring camera to spy on teenager

Hacker Accesses Ring Camera In Little Girl’s Bedroom to Tell Her …

Ring security cameras keep getting hacked: