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Ashley Madison
Notes on the Ashley-Madison dump http://ow.ly/R5SCf
– Are you a Californian worried about state deficit? Don’t worry, Ramon Hernandez of the CA FTB is looking for solutions on @adultfriendfind
.@Sidragon1 wouldn’t have to risk prison if FAA IT guys like Billy Enos found bugs instead of searching @adultfriendfind with state property
– Military legislative fellow Matt Daack used @ashleymadison to cheat on his wife with the House email he uses to evaluate classified data.
-John Tokarczyk of the Attorney General’s office hard at work investigating potential sex partners on @ashleymadison
From page 46 of the “How to Hack a Jeep” manual: masscan http://ow.ly/R5T6H
Hillary Emailgate
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The Spy Satellite Secrets in Hillary’s Emails “TOP SECRET // SI // TK // NOFORN”
Most seriously, the inspector general assessed that Clinton’s emails included information that was highly classified—yet mislabeled as unclassified. Worse, the information in question should have been classified up to the level of “TOP SECRET//SI//TK//NOFORN,” according to the inspector general’s report. http://ow.ly/R5VPv
For 3 months Hillary Clinton’s email was unencrypted, open to spies http://ow.ly/R5W6R
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Money Laundering
Sons of Indicted Swiss Financial Adviser Keep Business in the Family
London is now the global money-laundering centre for the drug trade, says crime expert http://ow.ly/R6ugD
bcrypt  There are two kinds of cryptography in this world: cryptography that will stop your kid sister from reading your files, and cryptography that will stop major governments from reading your files. This book is about the latter. — Preface to Applied Cryptography by Bruce Schneier