Ban DHS's National ID effort it is Unconstitutional

John Gilmore Aug 8, 2014 7:43 PM
US demands citizens show ID to access public transport, courts, buildings
“State driver’s licenses from these 12 states and 2 territories are no
longer good enough, because those states did not sign up for DHS’s
National ID effort”, says DHS.  As of July 21, 2014, people from these
states can no longer enter federal property where the public can’t go
(e.g. they can’t get inside NASA facilities); and next year, can’t
enter federal property at all.  In 2016, they can’t be passengers on
The refusenik states: Alaska, Arizona, Kentunky, Louisiana, Maine,
Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma,
Washington.  Praise these state legislatures & administrations for
refusing to conspire with the feds against their own citizenry to
construct a National ID system.  Ask your Congresspeople to repeal the
Real ID Act, which is what DHS is using to try to club these states
into complying.
Of course all of this is unconstitutional; the feds can’t claim
that citizens aren’t allowed to travel, or attend “public” trials,
because they don’t have or show a document.  That would be, uh,
I’m groping for the word… Stalinistic?  Totalitarian?
It can’t happen here.  So what is this DHS page about?
And this one from the National Conference of State Legislatures?