Center for Pelvic Medicine Offers Solutions That Can Help with Chronic Irritation ‘Down There’

Summer Weather and Bikini Season Can Mean Chronic Irritation … ‘Down There’;
Academic Urology’s Center for Pelvic Medicine Offers Solutions That Can Help

A recent study revealed that nearly 14 million American women have experienced vulvar pain at some point in their lives. Women from 18-88+ are often unable to enjoy healthy everyday activities like exercise and intimacy due to burning, stinging, irritation, chafing or sharp pain. To combat this common problem, scientific researchers from the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland worked with leading experts in feminine care to develop Neogyn Feminine Soothing Cream, which contains a naturally pH balanced blend of proteins and emollients to help soothe and calm the vulva or the external area of the genitals.
“Chronic vulvar pain can be debilitating, both physically and emotionally,” says Dr. Susan Kellogg-Spadt, Professor of OBGYN at Drexel University; Director of Female Sexual Medicine at The Center for Pelvic Medicine in Bryn Mawr, Pa. “Normal, everyday events can really be irritating—things like waxing and shaving pubic hair, bicycle riding, wet bathing suits, vigorous exercise and physical intimacy with a partner. Certain women may be more prone to vulvar discomfort than others, like those in menopause, after childbirth, those who have had cancer treatment, and women who take certain medications, including: contraceptives, antibiotics, chemotherapy, and antihistamines, yeast infection creams, scented, flavored or warming lubricants.
Neogyn Feminine Soothing Cream is not a lubricant or a moisturizer; rather, it’s a non-medicated skincare product that heals the sensitive genital tissue and has been shown to significantly reduce genital burning, itching and irritation in clinical studies. It’s also been proven to reduce daily discomfort, pain and redness associated with painful intercourse.
“Women don’t need to ‘learn to live’ with vulvar discomfort. Activities like exercise and physical intimacy certainly should not chronically hurt. When a woman overcomes soreness, dryness, and genital burning, the quality of her life is restored and she can look forward to pleasurable activities again. Neogyn can be life changing,” adds Kellogg-Spadt.