Verizon Customers Manhattan, NY Still Don't Have Service After Sandy — 186 Days and Counting

New Networks Shame on Verizon: There Are Customers in Manhattan, New York City Who Still Don’t Have Service After Sandy — 186 Days and Counting. Read the article  Download the article.
This is a foreboding glimpse into your future communications services if you live in the USA. I’m sitting in a high ceiling parlor in an aged brownstone at the E.9th Street Block Association meeting. People are telling me, somewhat muting their anger, that some have had no phone service since Sandy, October 28th 2012 —- 186 days ago, almost 6 months, almost half a year. Some had their service restored over the last month, only being out for about 5 months. I’m in a roomful of people in the middle of Manhattan, New York City, and I can’t believe my ears. I’ve been a telecom analyst for 31 years and thought I’d heard everything before – but this? Mayor Bloomberg, with claims that New York City is a world center for technology announced his new campaign, “We Are Made in NY” in 2013, stating we’re “strengthening the city as a global hub for innovation.” Being out of service is only one of the Manhattenites’ problems. Almost all of those without Verizon service have continued to be billed for services that THEY DO NOT RECEIVE. What’s the problem – how could this be happening in America?