Gianni Russo The Hollywood GodFather

Gianni Russo Actor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Mafia associate


Gianni Russo detailed his family’s mafia ties in Italy, including his mafia boss uncle being hanged in Italy. After speaking about having polio as a child and being quarantined, Gianni spoke about moving to America with his family and working for Luciano mob boss Frank Costello when he was 13. It was while working with Costello that Gianni got to know Marilyn Monroe, who Gianni lost his virginity to when he was 16 and Marilyn was 28. The two stayed close throughout the remainder of Monroe’s life, and Gianni recalled being with her days before her death, which Gianni says was a murder carried out by Monroe’s former lover, Bobby Kennedy.

During the conversation, Gianni spoke about being cast as Carlo Rizzi in The Godfather, which was his first-ever film, and he detailed threatening Marlon Brando at the first rehearsal for the movie. He went on to explain how he was kidnapped and beaten after Pablo Escobar put a hit out on him, and how Escobar stopped the hit after realizing Gianni was in The Godfather. To hear more, including his friendships with Frank Sinatra and Bill Clinton, hit the above clip.

The oral polio vaccine was developed by Albert Sabin and came into commercial use in 1961. In 1963, I gave my children an oral vaccine developed by Albert Sabin in a sugar cube and was grateful that I did not need to fear this dreadful disease. In 1965 there were only 61 cases in the U.S. By 1994, polio was declared eliminated from the Americas.

The Hollywood Godfather Podcast

Hollywood Godfather podcast. Actor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Mafia associate, Gianni Russo has teamed with an unlikely ally, Patrick Picciarelli, retired NYPD lieutenant, and current private investigator to put together a thought-provoking, tragic, funny, and often shocking view of Gianni’s life in the mob and the movies.

Carlo Rizzi gets whacked

Gianni Russo–Rare 1993 TV Interview, The Godfather

Private Health Insurers Paid Hospitals 247% of What Medicare Would

 Private Health Insurers Paid Hospitals 247% of What Medicare Would

RAND researchers suggest that private insurers may want to move away from discounted-charge contracting for hospital services and shift to contracting based on a percent of Medicare or another similar fixed-price arrangement, often called reference-based pricing.

Employers can use the information in this report to help inform these comparisons and to make judgments about appropriate pricing.”

The study notes a steady increase in hospital prices, rising to the 2018 average level from an average of 224% of Medicare costs in 2016 and 230% of Medicare costs in 2017.

The analysis, which includes information from more than half of the nation’s community hospitals, is a broad-based study of prices paid by private health plans to hospitals. A study from RAND last year looked at similar metrics from hospitals in 25 states.

“This analysis provides the most-detailed picture ever of what privately insured individuals pay for hospital-based care relative to what the government pays for people insured through Medicare,” said Christopher Whaley, the study’s lead author and a policy researcher at RAND, a nonprofit research organization. “Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, employers need transparent information on the prices that they and their employees are paying for health care services.”

If employers and health plans participating in the study had paid hospitals using Medicare’s payment formulas, total payments over the 2016-2018 period would have been reduced by $19.7 billion, a potential savings of 58%.

The rising gap between public and private hospital prices is a cause for concern and raises questions about the efficiency of the employer market,” said Katherine Hempstead, senior policy adviser at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which sponsored the project. </SNIP>

Do you know your rights? Here is what to do.

Pot Brothers at Law | Shut The Fuck Up Friday

The responses should be memorized by anyone that already doesn’t have theirs ready to go.

What to do when you get pulled over? | Pot Brothers at Law – Tip of The Day



Q COPS blah blah blah Questions?

A. I’m not discussing my day sir

Q  COPS blah blah blah more questions?

A. Am I being detained or am I free to go?

Q. COPS blah blah blah more questions?



What do you do?



Learn THE SCRIPT© and SHUT THE FUCK UP™ (when cops ask questions) 👍 @pot_brothers_at_law 💪 ALWAYS BE RESPECTFUL TO LAW ENFORCEMENT

Trump will never get someone else on the court.

Democratic senator calls for eliminating filibuster, expanding Supreme Court if GOP fills vacancy

Lisa Murkowski says she won’t vote on a justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the election: ‘Fair is fair’

Millions of female voters who are already infuriated by Trump’s degradation of women will view his ability to nominate three Supreme Court justices in a single term as an assault. They aren’t going to permit it.

NPR REPORTED Ginsburg told her granddaughter she wanted her replacement to be appointed by the next president.
“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,” she dictated to granddaughter Clara Spera days before her death.


Donald Trump Wanted to Keep This Video Deposition Secret. We Got a Copy. – Mother Jones

He and his lawyer hoped to prevent this footage from the Trump University fraud case from “getting into the hands of the media.”

How to Break Out of Your Social Media Echo Chamber

Platforms like Facebook are designed to profit from humans’ confirmation bias. Here’s how to restore balance to your feed.

Confirmation bias and powerful proprietary algorithms, social media platforms ensure we only get a single side of every story.
“It’s a tale of two feeds, because thanks to confirmation bias and powerful proprietary algorithms, social media platforms ensure we only get a single side of every story. Even though most Americans continue to describe themselves as holding balanced views, we still naturally gravitate toward certain content online. Over time, algorithms turn slight preferences into a polarized environment in which only the loudest voices and most extreme opinions on either side can break through the noise.”

Facebook Has Been a Disaster for the World: How much longer are we going to allow its platform to foment hatred and undermine DEMOCRACY?

Facebook has been incredibly lucrative for its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, who ranks among the wealthiest men in the world. But it’s been a disaster for the world itself, a powerful vector for paranoia, propaganda and conspiracy-theorizing as well as authoritarian crackdowns and vicious attacks on the free press. Wherever it goes, chaos and destabilization follow.

Facebook staffer sends ‘blood on my hands’ memo
Fake accounts have been undermining elections around the world, an ex-Facebook employee has claimed.

Facebook’s new policies are meant to stop the spread of conspiracy theories and hate in Groups. “For the first time, Facebook is releasing stats concerning how the social media platform moderates what goes on in Facebook Groups. Alongside the new numbers, the company has also announced new policies surrounding how it will deal with conspiracy theories and hate speech that often flourishes inside these groups.”

Debunked QAnon conspiracy theories are seeping into mainstream social media. Don’t be fooled.. “While many QAnon theories and content remain on fringe platforms like far-right message board 8kun, some have made their way into mainstream social media services like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. On those platforms, the bogus or misleading material is gaining traction among people who have no idea they’re dabbling in QAnon.”

Phys .org: Many Americans believe false election narratives, survey shows. “‘Kamala Harris is not a natural-born American citizen.’ False. ‘Joe Biden’s family has illegal business ties with China.’ False. Believe it or not, large segments of the population are aware of these kinds of unsupported narratives related to the fall 2020 election and believe that at least some of these narratives are true, according to the first in a new series of reports by Indiana University’s Observatory on Social Media, also known as OSoMe.”

“Social media executives should play a key role in ensuring the legitimacy of the 2020 election, former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats suggested in a New York Times op-ed Thursday. In the article, Coats, a former Trump administration official, recommended the U.S. create a new nonpartisan commission that would help reassure the American public that their votes would be counted and would aim to monitor forces attempting to undermine the election.”

Alex Hope detailed in a long blog post how he used an Instagram post from former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott, showing a boarding pass, to discern his passport number and other personal details.”

Deadly mosquito virus prompts Michigan to urge residents to stay indoors

Trump Appointees Meddled in CDC Coronavirus Testing Guidance

The Queen strips disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein of CBE