4/3/20 Department of Education Secretary remarks

4/3/20 Department of Education Secretary’s full remarks and video

“My team and I are in contact daily with governors, state school chiefs, college presidents, superintendents, and local education leaders.  We are quickly responding to their needs so they can do the next right thing for their students.  Most governors have decided to close some or all schools in their states for a period of time.  As a result, students may not be able to take federal mandated standardized tests this spring….  We made the process to delay these tests for a year fast and painless (see Broad Flexibilities Provided to States to Bypass ESSA Mandated Testing for the 2019-20 School Year).  Forty-eight states and territories have already requested the waiver.  We are approving the requests within 24 hours.  [Approval letters are posted online.]

“We also released additional information making clear the expectation that education will continue for all students.  The transition to distance and online learning needs to happen quickly, and it needs to include meaningful instruction and supports for children with disabilities (see Supplemental Fact Sheet Addressing Serving Children with Disabilities During National Emergency).  Learning should not stop or be denied because schools fear federal regulators or fear doing something different….  This national emergency gives all of us the opportunity to come together to engage all students out of principle.



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“We are compiling all the tools we have produced, along with the great resources states are offering to help keep learning going.  There are many existing online learning platforms, and many states were already offering a robust menu of courses virtually.  We will be adding that information to our [COVID-19 resources and information web page] on an ongoing basis.


[…. “Let me also touch briefly on how we’re supporting students pursing higher education.  At the start of this outbreak, we immediately gave institutions of higher education regulatory flexibility so learning could go online (see Guidance for Interruptions of Study Related to Coronavirus) — and it did.  In many cases, it was a seamless transition, and learning continues.  And we are continuing to cut federal bureaucracy and let schools rise to meet this challenge.

“Mr. President, you promised to defeat this invisible enemy and to keep our economy strong.  You took immediate action and provided student loan relief to tens of millions of borrowers.  We set all federally held student loans to zero interest rates and deferred payments for 60 days (see Suspending Federal Student Loan Payments and Waiving Interest During National Emergency).  Now, with the CARES Act that you signed into law, Mr. President, those actions will extend to six months.  Those who are, or become, delinquent on their payments as a result of the national emergency will receive an automatic suspension of payments, without having to request it.  Additionally, we’ve stopped federal wage garnishments altogether for students and families in default.  And, I have asked private collection agencies that contract with the Department to stop all collections correspondence (see Stopping Wage Garnishment, Collections Actions for Borrowers).

“These are tough times, but ‘We the People’ are tougher.  So, in closing, let me offer just a few words of encourage.  To our students, your education can — and should — continue.  Learning can happen anywhere, and we will help make sure it does.  We believe in you!  To our teachers, we will support you and help you.  You are doing great work.  Keep it up!  And to every parent and family, we know these are challenging times.  But it’s in the face of great challenges that Americans have always risen to the occasion and embraced greatness.  And I know we’ll do that once again.”


4/4/2020 Two children sue Google for allegedly collecting students’ biometric data

The lawsuit says the search giant violated privacy laws with its educational tools.

Two children from Illinois are suing Google for allegedly collecting biometric data, including face scans, of millions of students through the search giant’s software tools for classrooms.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in a federal court in San Jose, California, is seeking class-action status. The children, known only as H.K. and J.C. in the complaint, are suing through their father, Clinton Farwell.

Google is using its services to create face templates and “voiceprints” of children, the complaint says, through a program in which the search giant provides school districts across the country with Chromebooks and free access to G Suite for Education apps. Those apps include student versions of Gmail, Calendar and Google Docs.

The data collection would likely violate Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act, or BIPA, which regulates facial recognition, fingerprinting and other biometric technologies in the state. The practice would also likely run afoul of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, a federal law that requires sites to get parental consent when collecting personal information from users who are under 13 years old.

“Google has complete control over the data collection, use, and retention practices of the ‘G Suite for Education’ service, including the biometric data and other personally identifying information collected through the use of the service, and uses this control not only to secretly and unlawfully monitor and profile children, but to do so without the knowledge or consent of those children’s parents,” the lawsuit says.

Google declined to comment. Bloomberg earlier reported news of the lawsuit.

The complaint is asking for damages of $1,000 for each member of the class for BIPA violations Google committed “negligently,” or $5,000 each for each violation committed “intentionally or recklessly.”

The lawsuit underscores Google’s dominance in American classrooms, which has only grown in recent weeks. Schools are depending more on the tech giant’s educational tools as physical classes around the nation are canceled in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

As several states enact stay-at-home orders, usage of Google’s tools has skyrocketed. Downloads of Google Classroom, which helps teachers manage classes online, have swelled to 50 million, making it the No. 1 education app on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms. On Thursday, Google announced a partnership with California Gov. Gavin Newsom to donate 4,000 Chromebooks to students across the state.

The lawsuit isn’t the first time Google has drawn criticism for its classroom efforts. In February, New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas sued Google for allegedly violating COPPA through its educational platforms. The lawsuit accused Google of collecting information on students’ locations, their passwords, what websites they’ve visited, what they’ve searched for on Google and YouTube, their contact lists and voice recordings.

Google has also faced broader blowback for its handling of children’s data. In September, the US Federal Trade Commission slapped the company with a record $170 million fine, as well as new requirements, for YouTube‘s violation of COPPA. In response, the video site made major changes to how it treats kids videos, including limiting the data it collects from those views.

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Queen Elizabeth sends a message of comfort to the world

We Will Meet Again

The Queen’s coronavirus address: ‘We will meet again’

The Queen has promised the nation that better days are ahead, during a special address on Sunday.

In a rare speech, she acknowledged the grief and financial hardships Britons are facing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Echoing the words of the Vera Lynn wartime song, she said that “we will meet again”.

This is the

GOP Rethuglican

Grifter Party of Death

that America has to live with.

The Attributes that characterizes this county is a disgrace.

Nobody knows anything

Nobody knows anything.

Some people do know something, but if you are watching Fox, you are probably over 65 and  will  be exposed to information that is incorrect.

The Fed, and State School K12 school curricula (Core)  only teaches to the test.

The Federal Department of Education is run by a VERY RICH Trump Appointee Betsy DeVoss who’s “Policy” does NOT care about the student’s power of analysis, the ability to read at grade level, or actual critical thinking skills. The Trump administration wouldn’t want K12 students to construct an educated opinion by themselves. They wouldn’t want educated voters.

What is the Antidote? #REMOTE LEARNING
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Our  History

Two children sue Google for allegedly collecting students’ biometric data


WANT YOUR CHECK? IT turns out New Jersey needs COBOL programmers!

Better Get your Ham Radio in order and yes
#STEM #K12 #EdTech, #Technology, #Science, #Engineering, #Arts
Radio nerds: HF pirate broadcasters out in full force tonight, on 6950 and 6970 KHz.


Make sure the Post Office works so we can  Vote By Mail and Get our Checks
We need to be able to vote without getting sick. Being able to vote by mail so that we don’t get sick and keeping the post offices open and delivering the mail so we get our ballots and our checks. Go to Represent.Us/VoteAtHome to request your mail-in ballot. You can also call your senator to support Vote at Home. #VoteAtHome.

Pelosi wants ‘vote by mail’ provisions in next coronavirus bill. Republicans do everything possible to make sure they do NOT allow mail in voting because they will definitely lose the election if people can vote.

GOP chairman says mail elections hurt Republicans, is accused of voter suppression. Their whole campaign is based on voter suppression.


NO MONEY FOR THE USPS POSTAL SERVICE postal service could shutter by June 2020 amid coronavirus

US Postal Service plans to close 3,653 post offices. Here’s a list.

Bernie Sanders Warns Total Economic Collapse Will Be More Expensive Than Paying Workers, Reducing Health Care Costs Amid Coronavirus

Sanders calls for $2,000 monthly payments, suspending some bills amid pandemic

If you’re ‘essential’ enough to work through a pandemic, you’re essential enough to be paid a living wage. Employers can do whatever they want and employees are told to consider themselves lucky to even have a job.

Public Health Emergency Fund


On Feb 5, HHS Secretary Azar requested $2 billion to buy respirator masks & other supplies for the national stockpile Trump cut that request by 75% Now a mask shortage is forcing healthcare workers to use bandanas & scarves Florida asked for and got everything

Here Are the 51 Republican Senators Who Just Voted Against Expanding Paid Sick Leave to All Workers

How one elite New York medical provider got its patients coronavirus tests

Limiting Trump’s Screen Time Isn’t ‘Censorship,’ It’s Journalism

George Orwell 1984 “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day be day and minute by minute. History has stopped.

Jared Kushner Once Controlled a Firm Now Running a Coronavirus Testing Website

Does Jared Kushner’s Coronavirus Task Force Violate the Law?

Not on Fox News Jared Kushner’s Company Strong-arms Tenants While Seeking Leniency for Itself

Jared Kushner’s ventilator remarks contradicted a government website. Hours later, the site was changed. The first son-in-law would have you believe that the federal stockpile is “not supposed to be states’ stockpiles.”

Here was the original text on the website:

Strategic National Stockpile is the nation’s largest supply of life-saving pharmaceuticals and medical supplies for use in a public health emergency severe enough to cause local supplies to run out.

When state, local, tribal, and territorial responders request federal assistance to support their response efforts, the stockpile ensures that the right medicines and supplies get to those who need them most during an emergency. Organized for scalable response to a variety of public health threats, this repository contains enough supplies to respond to multiple large-scale emergencies simultaneously

It was changed to:

The Strategic National Stockpile’s role is to supplement state and local supplies during public health emergencies. Many states have products stockpiled, as well. The supplies, medicines, and devices for life-saving care contained in the stockpile can be used as a short-term stopgap buffer when the immediate supply of adequate amounts of these materials may not be immediately available.

Duckworth Leads Call For Investigation Into Suspicious Deletion Of Online Information On The Strategic National Stockpile

Trump  FAILS

Draft Dodger calls himself a a “Wartime President” because he loves role play and acting in his reality TV show that gets ratings.

Trump fires the intelligence community’s inspector general, because he forwarded the whistleblower complaint that ultimately got Trump impeached.

March 9 2020 “Trump on when Americans get expect their lives to get back to normal: “I hope very soon … could have been stopped pretty easily if we had known, if everybody had known about it, a number of months before people started reading about it.” Larry Kudlow says US has contained the coronavirus and the economy is holding up nicely

TRUMP failed on testing, failed on self-quarantining & failed on masks.

OMG the Surgeon General shows you how to make a face mask out of Tshirt as if the government is finally getting up to speed on masks Trump refuses to wear one. He doesn’t have to stay home he can refuse, his family can refuse, they do what ever they want.

The Coronavirus Is the Worst Intelligence Failure in U.S. History, and It’s All Trump’s Fault

Fox News reportedly fears its early downplaying of COVID-19 leaves it open to lawsuits

Trump didn’t know about it. Who knew? Nobody knew and anyway he didn’t have time to fight COVID19 – he was too busy, he was distracted by the impeachment. So I guess he knew right cause he admits to not paying attention.

White House economists warned Trump administration about risks from pandemic

“What could the federal government be doing?
Title I and Title III of the Defense Production Act should be immediately invoked to prioritize and increase domestic production of ventilators and personal protective equipment. Here’s how:

How to design a lockdown | The Japan Times

The Military Knew Years Ago That a Coronavirus Was Coming

US Navy removes Captain Brett Crozier who raised alarm
Capt Brett Crozier had pleaded for quarantine to prevent deaths aboard a US aircraft carrier.

NYC Health COVID-19 data now available on GitHub
A curated list of awesome covid19 data sources, tools and scripts and other awesomeness.

Exclusive: U.S. slashed CDC staff inside China prior to coronavirus outbreak
The Trump administration cut staff by more than two-thirds at a key U.S. public health agency operating inside China, as part of a larger rollback of U.S.-funded health and science experts on the ground there leading up to the coronavirus outbreak, Reuters has learned.

Meng Introduces Resolution to Denounce Anti-Asian Sentiment Caused by Coronavirus NNABA Condemns Anti-Asian Bigotry and Violence During COVID-19 Crisis

One thing Hawaiians know about is epidemics.

4/1/2020 Fabulous Asians from TAIWAN
Taiwan government just donated 3 millions masks to USA
Taiwan premier says COVID-19 should be called ‘Wuhan pneumonia’
Taiwan premier says China’s insistence on changing coronavirus name shows lack of confidence. Taiwan Battles WHO and China Over Coronavirus

Senior WHO official dodges questions about Taiwan’s WHO membership; praises China


  1. Steve Bannon’s Huawei Film ‘Claws of the Red Dragon’ Screens on China in Focus
  2. How CCP Muzzles Reporters In Wuhan
  3. The Closing of 21 Million Cell Phone Accounts in China May Suggest a High CCP Virus Death Toll
  4. Hubei Doctor: Hospital Fakes Recovery Rate
  5. Chinese Authorities Require Government Offices to Destroy Data Related to Coronavirus Outbreak
  6. 21 MILLION China phones are missing
  7. Leaked files reveal 20x more CCP virus cases than officially reported in Wuhan, China
  8. Wuhan doctor who went public over spread of coronavirus ‘goes missing’
  9. China’s Appointment to UN Human Rights Council Panel Draws Heavy Criticism — Human Rights Council that …
  10. As Lockdown Measures in China Ease, Travelers Without Symptoms Spread Virus Further
  11. China Will Now Report Cases of Asymptomatic Virus Carriers After Initially Denying Risks
  12. ‘Down With the Communist Party’: Chinese Student Stands up to Regime, Then Disappears
  13. “Bats carry this stuff, and they literally eat bats. Stop eating bats!” @LindseyGrahamSC demands China shut down wet markets.
  14.  Coronavirus Crisis Awakens a Sleeping Giant: China’s Youth


If the world is a college of corporations” there haven’t been free markets since the 60s.
1979: “The world is a business, Mr. Beale. A college of corporations.
2020: Free markets are dead.
I’m Mad As Hell And I’m Not Going To Take IT Anymore
Mr. Beale actually does nothing about it.

Wall Street’s Crisis Began Four Months Before the First Reported Death from Coronavirus in China; Here’s the Proof

Unsanitized: Private Equity Licks Its Chops

Charles Koch Network Attacks Shelter-in-Place Policies

The $649 billion the US spent on fossil fuel subsidies was “more than the country’s defense budget &amp; 10 times the federal spending for education.” Why do we subsidize America’s biggest polluters? Because they subsidize America’s most powerful politicians.

One of the biggest culprits of Amazon destruction is a US company, Blackstone, whose CEO is close friends with Trump and bankrolls the US Senate leader Republican Mitch McConnell.

Trump doner Betsy DeVoss appointed Secretary of the Department of Education brother Erik Prince  Founder Of Blackwater, Is Setting Up A Private Army For China,
The controversial Blackwater founder says he is setting up two bases in China, but his company says “this does not involve armed personnel.”

Big Oil is using the coronavirus pandemic to push through the Keystone XL pipeline
The oil industry saw its opening and moved with breathtaking speed to take advantage of this moment

Wall Street Had Cut 68,000 Jobs and Received Trillions in Emergency Loans Prior to COVID-19 Anywhere in the World

Kelly Loeffler stock sales: Georgia senator sold at least $18 million more than previously reported

The (New) Great Depression
Why America’s Response to Coronavirus Adds Disaster to Catastrophe

Private equity firms lobbied Congress, Treasury in bailout push


My dad’s an ER doctor. He just got off of a conference call. His hospital is cutting his salary – and everyone else’s that works on the front lines – because they’re losing money from non-COVID patients. Cutting medical personnels’ salaries right now. I mean… what the fuck?


A mounting casualty of coronavirus crisis: Health care jobs
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Tens of thousands of medical workers across the United States are suddenly out of work as operating.

Covid-19 Changed How the World Does Science, Together sparks a biotech arms race. NYT paywall
The Majority of America’s Favorite Grocery Chains Are (Mostly) Non-Union Oh yes, the US economy, in its majestic equality, allows the rich as well as the poor to expose themselves to a dangerous, novel virus in exchange for low wage work.

Boeing 787s must be turned off and on every 51 days to prevent ‘misleading data’ being shown to pilots

Citigroup, an Admitted Felon with a History of Abusing Customers, Is Handling Billions from the Stimulus Bill

There is no greater illustration of corporate America’s moral decay than Amazon

Amazon fires warehouse worker who staged walkout

Coronavirus: ‘Not smart’ memo shows Amazon‘s union stance
The firm’s lawyer says his comments were personal, spoken out of emotional frustration.

NYC mayor orders investigation of Amazon’s firing of strike organizer

From Friend Jonathan A Weiss

‘Like a f—ing slave ship’: Lawyer details horrific conditions at Rikers Island jails amid COVID-19

*Mashpee Wampanoag tribe faces double crisis: COVID-19 and feds*

NNABA Condemns Anti-Asian Bigotry and Violence During COVID-19 Crisis “The National Native American Bar Association stands with its brothers and sisters of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association in denouncing the sudden rise of anti-Asian sentiment, bigotry and violence in the wake of the COVID-19 health crisis,” said *NNABA President Robert O. Saunooke*.
Trump  just withdrew recognition from a tribe he said wasn’t Indian because they didn’t look “Indian” and that he probably was more Indian – to destroy competition from a Chump labeled casino.

Malaysian ministry apologises for ‘avoid nagging’ lockdown tips for women #WomenPreventCovid19

‘Complete collapse of economies’ ahead as Africa faces virus
We will see a complete collapse of economies and livelihoods.
Livelihoods will be wiped out in a way we have never seen before,” she warned.

Oceans can be restored to former glory within 30 years, say scientists

U.S. President Donald Trump golfed several times and held a number of rallies after learning about the threat.

FACT CHECK: Trump, ‘wartime’ pandemic leader or ‘backup’?
Is he a wartime president or a backup point man? President Donald Trump seems to go back and forth

Trump cabinet Bible Teacher Blames Coronavirus Pandemic On God’s Wrath – Somehow It Involves China, Gay People, And Environmentalists:

Republican Party of Death

Howard-Browne Arrested!

Howard-Browne WILL move future worship online, but the county later ended its effort to apply limits on large gatherings to religious services.

A Florida statewide order described religious gatherings as essential.
Essential Business THEN
Why aren’t they paying taxes?

As COVID-19 rages, evangelical pastor organization is planning to contact and convert isolated indigenous groups in remote Amazon tribes

Paul Michael Weyrich was an American religious conservative political activist and commentator, most notable as a figurehead of the New Right.

“[black man becomes president] right-wing pastors: ANTICHRIST IS UPON US [philandering idiot money vacuum becomes president, puts son in law with “666” skyscraper in charge of mideast peace; economy collapses; viral pandemic wracks earth; locusts swarm] right-wing pastors: MAGA”

Paul Weyrich – “I don’t want everybody to vote”

The Man Who Mobilized The Evangelical Vote