Mercer, Zuckerberg, Sandberg, Page, Brinn, Dorsey Handmaidens to Authoritarism

Here’s inside story on what happened at #TED2019. Within minutes of revealing Facebook’s intimidation tactics onstage, I stepped off it to find Facebook had complained & demanded to see my script. Great credit to @TEDtalks & @TEDChris for standing firm

Mercer cambridge analytica

Zuckerberg, Sandberg, facebook

AG Jeff Sessions uses apostle Paul Romans 13 like some Christian denominations in Nazi Germany to justify accommodation with the Third Reich.

Page, Brinn, google

Take down the “gods of Silicon Valley” Dorsey, their employees, and their investors are all Accessories to the subversion of democracy…

The Fox was invited in to speak to the hen house!!

How Facebook Broke Democracy

In an unmissable talk, journalist Carole Cadwalladr digs into one of the most perplexing events in recent times: the UK’s super-close 2016 vote to leave the European Union.


Sears sues Mnuchin alongside former CEO for alleged multibillion-dollar theft
Trump Treasury Secretary helped his old college roommate Eddie Lampert turn Sears into the longest, slowest corporate raid in history, sending the venerable retailer spiraling into bankruptcy. Now, they’re being sued for it.

Why does the president fight so hard to keep anyone from seeing his tax returns, business records, bank loans? If Trump were innocent of any suspicious financial activity, would he be suing Congress to try to keep his finances secret?