The world is run by cabals, usually male.

The world is run by cabals, that are usually male, and they don’t want to let you in and if you’re privileged enough to get through the door you’d better play by their rules.

Bezos targeted by MBS.

Byrne falls to the wiles of a female Russian spy.

Are the tech oligarchs America’s weakest security link?

2016 Remember Huma Abedin and her husband’s dick pics?
The object of Weiner’s affections is his polar opposite politically: a self-avowed supporter of Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association who’s used Twitter to bash both President Obama and Clinton.

January 22, 2020
The Bezos Dick Pic Hacking Affair Just Got a Whole Lot Messier for Trump Allies It could raise tricky questions at heart of the 2016 campaign’s hush money scandal.

The Saudi Crown Prince Hack Jeff Bezos’s Phone

The CEO of the popular retail website stepped down Thursday amid a bizarre controversy over his admission that he had an affair with Maria Butina, the gorgeous Russian spy who was convicted of secretly currying favor with right-wing figures.

The Cabal exception being Hillary Clinton.
Clinton Advisor: “Bernie and his people have been bitching about super delegates” “Throw Bernie a bone…[…]….his people will think they’ve “won” something from the Party Establishment. It doesn’t make a difference. We don’t lose”

“Bernie needs to be ground to a pulp. Crush him as hard as you can”. Podesta replies: “I agree.. Where would you stick the knife in?”

At least Bernie has been consistent and true to himself.

But if Bernie wins, you lose your power, just like the old RNC heavies lost power when Trump came along. When change is overdue it happens radically, and nearly instantly.

And you wonder why the populace is up in arms.

Remember the sign?