Stupid Bezos hacked in a WhatsApp chat with Saudi’s MBS


Saudi cyber operators would target Bezos is believable. Bezos was in a WhatsApp chat with Saudi’s MBS when unprompted the crown prince sent him a random file. The file it appears contained malware, which allowed Bezos’ phone to be hacked … leading to leaks of photos designed to embarrass him.

Bezos world’s richest man so sloppy and dumb hacked by Saudi prince… Who deployed the malware, what else did they access? Who else was targeted?

Amazon was in talks with Saudi about data center business during time frame of hack – malicious file was a video -: “an analysis of the file has found that it is *highly probable* it contained #malware. Amazon had even been in talks about the possibility of opening data centres in Saudi Arabia.

The message sent to Bezos on that Tuesday 1 May from the personal account of the crown prince contained a video file – of what, it is not clear.

But a forensic technical analysis of the file has found that it is “highly probable” it contained malware that penetrated Bezos’s mobile phone and exfiltrated a large amount of data within hours.

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