Project 2025 leader Ryan Walters’ wife Mary G. Vought

“Trump Campaign Names Project 2025 Leader Russ Vought, an Evangelical Extremist, to Lead the RNC Platform Committee ***

Trump nonetheless feigns ignorance of Project 2025’s plans for his potential second term.” #CROW

In May, the Trump campaign named Project
2025 leader Russ Vought — an alumnus of both
the Trump administration and Heritage
Foundation — to lead the RNC’s platform
committee, as reported in an RNC press release.
Project 2025 is a plan to dismantle the so-called
“administrative state” and to choose the people
who will preside over the remains in the event
of a second Trump administration. You can
read it here.

Vought’s leadership role in Project 2025 and in
the RNC platform committee is concerning
because he’s an evangelical extremist who has
said that the organization he founded (the
Center for Renewing America) seeks a
consensus that, although America has
“religious liberty,” a country still “has to obey
God,” and “there is only one true God, Jesus
Christ, our Lord.”

When we say that Vought is a top Project 2025
leader, it’s not an exaggeration. Project 2025
Director Paul Dans has called Vought’s Center
for Renewing America a “key [Project 2025]
coalition partner” and said that Vought directs
1,000 people divided into 30 teams to help bring
Project 2025 to fruition.

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Oklahoma schools head Ryan Walters recently ordered that all OK public school teachers must teach the Bible.

His publicist is Heritage VP of Strategic Communications Mary Vought, is the wife of Project 2025 leader Russ Vought.

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Mary G. Vought

As Heritage’s Vice President of Strategic Communications, Mary is
responsible for building innovative media campaigns and digital assets
that reach millions of …

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Mary Vought
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