ZOOM Meetings have Security and Privacy Problems

Zoom Meetings Do Not Support
End-to-End Encryption


People REALLY need to take responsibility for their OWN security.

4/1/2020 Zoom Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Sharing Data with Facebook


Zoom admits some calls were routed through China by mistake

Zoom Meetings Do Not Support End-to-End Encryption

Zoom, the video conferencing claims to implement end-to-end encryption, widely understood as the most private form of internet communication, protecting conversations from all outside parties. In fact, Zoom is using its own definition of the term, one that lets Zoom itself access unencrypted video and audio from meetings.


Zoom-bombing: How to keep trolls out of your Zoom meetings
By Paul Wagenseil
Jerks are crashing Zoom meetings nationwide. Here’s how to stop them

Anyone who knows how to set up a Zoom meeting or how to join a Zoom meeting can join one by default as long as they know the meeting link, and as a result, trolls have been “Zoom-bombing” meetings to shock other participants with porn and cause general mayhem.

Here’s What You Should Know. Videos and notes can be used by companies and hosts. Here are some tips to protect yourself.

How to prevent ZoomBombing from your Zoom video conference
By William Knowles @c4i Senior Editor InfoSec News April 3, 2020
It seems lately not an hour goes by without news of another ZoomBombing happening, just as I was preparing this story comes this headline from Vermont Senate committee Zoom hearing derailed by porn hacker
A Vermont Senate Committee on Agriculture Zoom hearing, which was being live-streamed on Youtube, was interrupted by a hacker Thursday who screen shared pornographic videos before reaching into his pants.
The sudden outburst came as the committee had been in the midst of discussing school lunch access and how farms were faring during the COVID-19 crisis.

‘Zoom-bombing’: FBI warns some teleconferences, online classrooms vulnerable to hacker
Last week, a high school in Massachusetts reported that someone dialed into the classroom while a teacher was conducting an online class, the FBI said. The individual shouted profanities before leaving the teacher’s home address.
A similar incident played out another school in Massachusetts this month: an individual could be seen on a conference call displaying swastika tattoos.
A spokesperson for Zoom told Fox News that the company has taken the security of its meetings seriously and was “deeply upset to hear about the incidents involving this type of attack.”
When using Zoom for online classrooms, teachers are advised to making meetings private and require a password or use the waiting room feature to control the admittance of additional people.
Links to a teleconference or classroom should be sent directly to individual participants and never be publicly available on a social media post.
Lastly, those managing a conference in Zoom should change the screen sharing option to “Host Only.”

How to Stop ‘Zoom Bombing’ from hijacking your video meeting

Zoom hackers use porn and racist messages to cut in on video conference calls #Zoombombing

Anti-Semitic hackers are exploiting quarantine to infiltrate Jewish online meetings

Read more here: https://www.sacbee.com/news/coronavirus/article241643036.html#storylink=cpy

Treat anything you do on-line as if it it public information.
How long have we been on work IM or chat and know they save everything that’s entered? Don’t write it if you wouldn’t say it out loud on front of the world. IF
you’re having a committee meeting via Zoom and you use the chat function to privately write to someone, your colleagues may not see it in real time, but it shows up when the chat is downloaded and put in the minutes folder. Check your chats before you download and share. Or don’t private chat on Zoom. If you’re not the host, nothing is private. This is the reason I vidconf on the work laptop, leaving my phone free to text my chatter to those I can trust. Zoom’s privacy policy allowing zoom admins and hosts to monitor how you use your computer while a meeting is in session is absurd. It’s more widely known, but most website ‘chat to an agent’ systems let the agent see every key you press in real time even if you delete it, before you click send.

Zoom needs to clean up its privacy act

Doc Searls
March 27, 2020

[This is the first in a series of four posts about Zoom and privacy. From what I can tell, so far, on March 30 (four days after I wrote this post), Zoom has cleaned up its privacy act. The next two are More on Zoom and Privacy, Helping Zoom, and Zoom’s new privacy policy.]

As quarantined millions gather virtually on conferencing platforms, the best of those, Zoom, is doing very well. Hats off.

But Zoom is also—correctly—taking a lot of heat for its privacy policy, which is creepily chummy with the tracking-based advertising biz (also called adtech). Two days ago, Consumer Reports, the greatest moral conscience in the history of business, published Zoom Calls Aren’t as Private as You May Think. Here’s What You Should Know: Videos and notes can be used by companies and hosts. Here are some tips to protect yourself. And there was already lots of bad PR. A few samples:


“Does Zoom sell Personal Data?” section of the privacy policy, which was last updated on March 18. The section runs two paragraphs, and I’ll comment on the second one, starting here:

… Zoom does use certain standard advertising tools which require Personal Data…

What they mean by that is adtech. What they’re also saying here is that Zoom is in the advertising business, and in the worst end of it: the one that lives off harvested personal data. What makes this extra creepy is that Zoom is in a position to gather plenty of personal data, some of it very intimate (for example with a shrink talking to a patient) without anyone in the conversation knowing about it. (Unless, of course, they see an ad somewhere that looks like it was informed by a private conversation on Zoom.)

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