3 in 4 Teachers

3 in 4 Teachers #edtech #edtechchat

HAVE NOT BEEN TRAINED on phishing and ransomware protection, or on addressing videoconferencing risks —  cdt

Research Report: With Increased EdTech Comes Increased Responsibility

Center for Democracy & Technology cdt.org
The Center for Democracy & Technology. Shaping tech policy & architecture, with a focus on the rights of the individual. @CDTEU
for our EU-based team.
Kudos @CenDemTech for a plain language report on gov’t use of AI for public benefits, so all Americans can understand an important topic
Even more appreciated after I spent hours sifting thru another report written for policymakers but clearly written by lawyers.

Platform Regulation Director, Stanford Cyber Policy Center. Usually knows what she’s talking about. Former Google AGC.

To help tackle a hugely problematic issue for educational systems & staff, @CenDemTech‘s Senior Technologist Hannah Quay-de la Vallee put together a collection of best practices for the prevention & mitigation of #ransomware in schools:

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