Republicans should join Democrats in impeaching the president

1/6 changed America even more than 9/11 did.

Republicans are right: now is the time for national unity. They should join Democrats in impeaching the president.


Governor Schwarzenegger’s Message Following this Week’s Attack on the Capitol

Terrorism is exactly that: to scare people so much that they don’t dare to ask for justice for fear of being brutalized even more. If the actors and instigators of the events of January 6 do not face justice, they will have succeeded.

Narrative #1: They don’t represent America
Narrative @2: Yes they do this is America better make sure insurrections know they are breaking the law and are NOT patriots.


Fun Fact: If Biden’s inauguration is delayed in any way, at 12 noon on January 20 Trump is still out as president, and Nancy Pelosi would become the acting president.

WHY doesn’t Pelosi order Sergeant at Arms Michael C. Stenger to arrest and detain any person who violates Senate rules, or is found in contempt of Congress cause they signed onto Texas’s seditious and unanimously rejected US Supreme Court lawsuit? OH YEAH HE GOT FIRED.

Ex-NY Governor Pataki writes in his 2020 book that after 9/11, then-NYC Mayor Giuliani asked Pataki to “cancel” the mayoral election and use “extraordinary powers” to “extend my term in office.” ~ Michael Beschloss

ABOLISH THE Electoral College, Biden would have clearly won by around 11 pm on election night via popular vote, and there wouldn’t have been weeks of questions or a procedure to attempt to disrupt on Wednesday with a riot.


Ever think about the fact that not a single Republican President (outside post-9/11 Bush) has won the popular vote since in over 30 years? #abolishtheelectoralcollege

Donald Trump came within 43,000 votes of being re-elected even though Biden won by 7 MILLION VOTES. Three states decided the election and the margins of victory were razor thin. Wisconsin – 20,608 Arizona – 10,357 Georgia —  11,799 The Electoral College must go!

Republicans are the ONLY ones to LOSE the popular vote and STILL WIN. Seems they are EXPERTS at stealing elections. #abolishtheelectoralcollege


LACK OF INTELLIGENCE – FUCKING EXACTLY RIGHT – THEY ARE SO STUPID because “no one could have predicted the violence” TOTAL ASSHOLES

I am positive if I broadcast to millions of people on social media I want the VP executed I’d have been visited by the Secret Service by now. Why hasn’t Lin Wood? Are our Federal agencies simply not enforcing the law for friends of Orange Julius Caesar anymore?

and @FBI honey pot

@FBI should be sure to get all their names and phone #s
There is a post on #Parler requesting those who took park in the siege of the US Capitol to leave their name, city, and a list of crimes committed in order to receive a pardon for Trump. Many people have already provided this information.

Amazon web services gives the boot to #Parler for violating terms of service

Republicans who say we can’t impeach a president 10 days before an inauguration had no trouble confirming a Supreme Court justice 8 days before an election.  This must be done NOW. Ten days is ten days too many.

They did not get into Pelosi’s office randomly, they were given directions.


When Jesus REPLACES education. This is what happens.





Republicans are angry about how many followers they have lost over the last 24 hours. Democrats are angry about how many lives we’ve lost over the last 24 hours.

Cable carriers are being asked to drop Fox News Channel. It was bad for heart patients to watch Fox News in the doctors’ waiting room. They got rid of Fox pronto. Føx (+ONAN) is extremely inflammatory & they don’t label it “entertainment“. We need the Fairness Doctrine back. Is Faux wants to continue as it is, it needs to be accurately labelled as Entertainment not News.

STANFORD GAVE Two degrees to Rebekah Mercer and she’s the co-founder of Breitbart, Cambridge Analytica, AND Parler  —from the Mercer family that bankrolled Breitbart, Cambridge Analytica, and Donald Trump. And had close ties to Steve Bannon etc. She’s also part of the religious group, the Dominionists, who believe they are going to rule the world.

“The Mercer Family Foundation donated just over $1.4 million to outside causes, with the majority going to the dark-money group known as the Donors Trust, according to the nonprofit’s new 2019 tax return.”

Untangle illegal co-ordination at heart of Mercer’s distributed empire & Trump campaign

#Mercer revelation in Paradise Papers #ParadisePapers

Understand what happened in America

CALL THE FBI 1-800-225-6324

Murdoch family? Kochs? Mercers?
Neo-Nazis overrun the Capitol

Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife has compiled a list of “deep state” “snakes,” to be replaced with Fox News pundits

Supreme Court Clarence Thomas wife GINNI THOMAS is an insurrectionist

WHEN IS ANY MAJOR, CREDIBLE NEWS OUTLET GOING TO MENTION GINNI THOMAS AND HER PART IN THIS CAPITOL INSURRECTION? She is the wife of Clarence Thomas, SCOTUS. She paid for 70 buses to bring in the mob, and has had access to Trump to discuss loyalists/enemies.
The wife of a Supreme Court Justice is likely being questioned by the FBI about her role in planning the Wednesday “protest” and march on the Capitol.

‘God bless each of you,’ Ginni Thomas wrote in a Facebook post to support the attempted takeover of the Capitol.

Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, shared support for the rioters who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday. Ginni literally funded the buses to get the coup coups to DC.

Read More: Clarence Thomas takes aim at liberals, Joe Biden in new documentary

On Facebook, Mrs. Thomas expressed explicit love for the violent chaos carried out by supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump, who are against the confirmation of President-elect Joe Biden. Mark Joseph Stern, a staff writer at Slate, shared screenshots of the status updates on Twitter.

In one post, she shared “LOVE” to the MAGA crowd, offering support and suggesting others to tune in to the riot. In another Facebook status, she stated, in mostly all caps, “God bless each of you standing up or praying!”

We don’t unite with fascists.
We don’t unite with traitors.
We don’t unite with terrorists.
We don’t unite with white supremacists.
We don’t unite with racists.
We don’t unite with anti-Semites.
We don’t unite with homophobes.
We don’t unite with criminals.

Pro coup congressmen and senators need to be censured.

Radio Host Alex Jones Admits to Leading Mob Storming Capitol Hill Under Trump’s Direction



How close we came this week to livestreamed mass assassinations?

I want to know how he built these gallows without anyone investigating it? I wonder how a person or people carrying large pieces of lumber to the Capitol didn’t cause pause? Hammering, sawing, compression nail guns and NOTHING?

Has the FBI found this guy yet?

Has the FBI found the guy who made the gallows?

They wanted to drag Pence out there – Pelosi, too if they had time – and make a spectacle of him. Whether the gallows actually worked or not wasn’t the point.  HOW many people do you know are able to make a noose. That takes deliberate practice.


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