The Pentagon spends $2,000,000,000 a day.

Please stop saying we can’t afford to provide health care for all Americans. The Pentagon spends $2,000,000,000 a day.
Really interesting group of members on this letter calling for direct cash payments in the COVID relief bill. Progressives may have even more power in the next Congress than people realize.
Reaganomics “Trickle Down” kiss my ass theory!
“Reaganomics” Middle America has been desiccated.
50 years of tax cuts for the wealthy suggests ‘trickle-down’ economics makes inequality worse
Large tax cuts for the rich lead to higher income inequality and don’t fuel economic growth or cut unemployment, a new paper by academics from the London School of Economics and King’s College London says. “Cutting taxes on the rich increases top income shares, but has little effect on economic performance,” the researchers concluded.

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