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Trump is pocketing Georgia Senate runoff donations for his PAC, while the GOP candidates themselves don’t get a dollar, a new report says


We need #StimulusChecksNow share this email if you agree.

America’s peanut farmers allege price fixing by Big Shell (as in: Big Companies that Shell Peanuts). thecounter.org/price-fixing-p super interesting dive into an industry, market, processes invisible to those not deep into peanuts. highly recommended.

Phony “rigged election” freakout in Texas as former police captain paid $266K by infamous racist, anti-gay GOP bigot holds innocent repairman at gunpoint after running him off the road.

Pandemic Bailout Amounts Show What’s Wrong with America. The most unemployed poor people got: $1,200 Joel Osteen, who drives $325,000 cars, lives in a $10 million mansion, and shakes down his congregation for $600,000 in tax-free cash each week: $4,400,000

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