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inject/detect/select” came from Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree”.

Akiwowo (Ah-KeyWoh-Woh) – Akiwowo
Kiyakiya (Key-Ya-Key-Ya)
Babatunde Olatunji 7:46

CyberPlayGround NetHappenings©1989Do it for your family.
Do it for those around you.
Do it for YOURSELF.
Wear a mask and keep your distance.

Half of the Senate is elected by just *18 percent* of the population. Abolish the Electoral College.

Democrats used to know how to get things done. How bad did you just blow this?
Totally disgusting! Muller was neutered.
No investigation on Trump Ever Got Started.

This Machine Dismantles Patriarchy on Twitter: “So that whole time when we would say to each other, well, at least the counterintelligence people are on to the Trump crime syndicate, they’re probably doing all kind of secret things to thwart Putin, it was not so at all.”

Cassandra of Troy: “The more I write about this, the more it becomes plain: if Biden loses, 2020 will be the last remotely free and fair election we have for decades, and certainly my lifetime. We are in the middle of an autocratic attempt, and it looks so much like Hungary’s.

D.C. Circuit panel guts House subpoena power

Barr kept Trump’s tax records from disclosure; distorted the Mueller report; reduced Roger Stone’s sentence; dismissed the Michael Flynn case; fired an attorney investigating Trump’s allies, bank & inauguration committee. His goal is to protect Trump, not the pursuit of justice.

Barr used the Justice Department to cover up Trump’s crimes & investigate Trump’s enemies. He planted his daughter in the Treasury Department to keep Trump’s finances from public disclosure. #ImpeachBarr for letting America become Trump’s Banana Republic. His daughter is stationed at Treasury to protect Trump’s taxes. Her husband is on Trump’s legal team. Follow Trump’s advice, and so what we did with Enron: “You have to go after their families, you have to”. Subpoenas, hearings…

Rod Rosenstein Stopped Robert Mueller Investigating Trump’s Financial Ties to Russia

IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig Profits From Trump Properties

DHS withheld July intelligence bulletin calling out Russian attack on Biden’s mental health. The Trump campaign has repeatedly engaged in a similar line of attack. “High confidence means what it sounds like — that they are highly confident that their assessment is accurate and they don’t use that language very often,” Elizabeth Neumann, a former assistant secretary of Homeland Security during the Trump administration, told ABC News.

‘The Corruption Is Bottomless’: Documents Reveal Chair of Postal Service Board Is Director of McConnell-Allied Super PAC | Common Dreams New

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s son, who was not a top tennis prospect, made it onto Duke’s competitive tennis team while DeJoy & his wife donated to Duke’s athletic dept. In all they gave at least $2.2M. he had enough money to pay the bribe directly to the school, that’s perfectly legal.
The OTHER FOLKS WHO went to jail for paying someone else who then paid the coaches. Better to cut out the middle man & just donate to the college to get your kid in & on a team. It’s amazing how things ‘just fall into place’ after your parents donate $793k

DeJoy also committed banking fraud by forging signatures to open bank accounts into which he secretly siphoned corporate money. This would have turned up in a normal vetting process, but Mnuchin pushed DeJoy into the USPS position without proper vetting.

Leaked McGahn memo reveals alarms about Kushner’s security clearance

There is no ORDER if every Trump Rethuglican breaks all the Laws.

USPS Is Fighting to Block the Release of Data on Mail Delays


Facebook will ban political ads in the week before Election Day, but not before political groups spent hundreds of millions more on the platform. Follow the money in our NEW online ads database, which tracks over 80,000 online political advertisers.

Didn’t Zfuckerberg do this already once before with Cambridge Analytica?
Mark Zuckerberg Allows Researchers To Study 2020 Election

Russia funded Facebook and Twitter investments through Kushner investor

Facebook confirms that Russia is at it again

AMAZON GETS CAUGHT Deletes Job Posts Seeking Analysts to Track ‘Labor Organizing Threats’
Amazon uses worker surveillance to boost performance and stop staff joining unions, study says  The company says the descriptions of the roles were incorrect. Yeah sure – they will say anything.
“OMG did they really spell that out???” problem found here:

GOGGLE ‘US Elections in Search 2020’ page gives a detailed look at which topics, candidates, questions, and parties are searched the most often.

Small Victory for the People
Appeals court rejects Oklahoma City anti-panhandling law

LiveStream the moment your friends will find you calling for justice.

If you want to mess with the Facebook algos  or google algos make sure to repost  and share and promote only what you think.  Of course everyone should delete Zuckerberg and Facebook from their life.
TIP: Only repost the ones you want to rank high– ignore the rest.

Ben Collins on Twitter: “Wanna singlehandedly stop a disinfo catastrophe in October? Tell Twitter to eliminate Trending Topics for the whole month. Gaming Trending Topics was Wikileaks’ strategy. It’s how Pizzagate emerged from the fringe. And for what? Slightly more engagement? Just turn it off.”

Former Twitter employees tell me off record that Twitter won’t adequately deal with its disinformation problem until it turns off Trending Topics. Asked, executives have said its not off the table, but to date there has been little outside pressure for this @jack
by Jonathan A Weiss Esq.
Woman, 105, leads lawsuit seeking reparations for 1921 Tulsa massacre

USPS Board Chairman Revealed as Director of McConnell, Trump-Linked Super PACs

Cuomo called Trump a “clown” and says the best thing he ever did was leave New York City. “Good riddance. Enjoy Florida. Don’t get COVID,” said Cuomo. “Those who know him best, like him least. That’s true of New York City, that’s true of his own family.”

White House suppressed coronavirus reports and downplayed virus, House panel says

Daily News | Pennsylvania women and people of color are bearing the brunt of the recession, report shows

Yale developed saliva test is immediate.
Rapid $5 Coronavirus Test Doesn’t Need Specialty Equipment. It should be universalized. It could be even used at theater, museum, sports, entertainment, and indoor restaurants’ entrances to allow admission.

Covid vaccine update: Tracking progress against coronavirus

Browser fingerprinting and the challenges ahead

White Vigilantes Have Always Had A Friend In Police

“If you study world history, there are examples where a government begins to encourage vigilantism and armed militias to support the state. It is almost always the penultimate step to fascist takeover. When those in power encourage armed conflict between citizens, beware.”
Freemasons the “original deep state”
White supremacy in the US was *also* fostered by freemasons  see Albert Pike A Founder of the Ku Klux Klan. There is a frightening overlap between between law enforcement and white supremacists.
An exceptional number of local police are also freemasons. The Washington Monument was built by and maintained by Scottish Rite Freemasons. During the Civil War freemasons would cross battle lines to render aid to one another, regardless of what uniform they wore. They still do this today.
KKK is also MLM business.
Tea Party: American League Skull and Bones plan for Koch Brothers.
The white nationalist and former KKK grand wizard encouraged

Resources for the Sanas of Irish American Vernacular
Kid, Kiddo, Cracker, KKK, Baloney, and Dick are all Irish

The FBI’s digital security guide for local police actually has good OPSEC advice.

What if the Klan just stopped wearing hoods?

Trump campaign accepted money from a neo-Nazi leader and other racists –


“We came with bullet proof vests, helmets, visors, knee and elbow pads, shields, rubber bullet guns, flash bangs, and tear gas. We had the trucks and the helicopters. We had the training. We had the numbers. And them? Well, they came with bags of soup. We didn’t stand a chance.”

Cops seize Church truck with supplies for protesters seized in Kenosha

Austria offers citizenship to the descendants of Jews who fled the Nazis

Calls grow for Tucker Carlson to be fired from Fox News over accusations of “inciting violence”

The NRA’s former second-in-command is calling for universal background checks and red flag laws. He says the NRA is “appealing to the paranoia and darkest side of our members” and is more focused on money and internal intrigue than the Second Amendment.

Any time a “law and order” Republican defends an officer killing a civilian they’re defending lawless capital punishment. A death sentence with no due process.

Google Wants to Remix News Radio Just for You
The company’s latest news product is an ever-replenishing playlist of audio stories—curated, in part, by the wealth of data it has on you. Nothing like being in Google Jail where you don’t learn about anything else except what you already think.

AG William BARR / Trump

Trump / Barr’s removal of career senior national security official, weeks before election, raises concerns
Current and former national security officials are raising concerns over Attorney General William Barr’s recent decision to remove the head of a Justice Department office that helps ensure federal counterterrorism and counterintelligence activities are legal – and replace him with a political appointee with relatively limited experience. “It’s very alarming,” said Katrina Mulligan, who worked for the Obama administration in several national security roles and then, after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, joined the Office of Law and Policy in the Justice Department’s National Security Division. For much of the past decade, that little-known office has been led by Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brad Wiegmann, a 23-year career public servant, not a political appointee. But two weeks ago, Wiegmann, 54, was told he is being reassigned and replaced with a political appointee, according to a Justice Department spokesman and sources familiar with the matter.

Barr tightens rules on surveillance of political candidates and advisers
By Devlin Barrett September 1, 2020 at 10:18 a.m. EDT
Attorney General William P. Barr on Tuesday imposed new rules tightening the use of government surveillance on political candidates or their staffers — a move likely to cheer conservatives who have long criticized how the FBI investigated the Trump campaign in 2016. In a pair of memos, the attorney general said that before the FBI and Justice Department seek a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to secretly monitor the communications of an elected official, a declared political candidate, or any of their staff, official advisers, or informal advisers, officials must first consider warning that person that foreign governments may be targeting them, and if they choose not to give such a warning, the FBI director must spell out in writing the reasons for not doing so. Barr’s memos speak directly to one of the biggest complaints about the FBI made by President Trump and his supporters — that agents wrongly surveilled former campaign aide Carter Page in 2016.

Kanye West’s address in his court filing to get on the ballot in Wisconsin is the law office of Jill Holtzman Vogel, a Republican state senator from Virginia who previously served as chief counsel for the RNC

The Week QAnon Became Everyone’s Problem
The conspiracy theory-based movement poses a different type of terrorist threat. BY NICHOLAS GROSSMAN  POLITICAL SCIENCE PROFESSOR, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS


Microsoft Releases Deepfake Detection Tool Ahead of Election

“Still hard to believe that Zoom went from “Are these security issues deliberate or mere incompetence?” to public utility in a matter of weeks.”

The nudists spreading coronavirus in a French resort

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