Executive Order on Addressing the Threat Posed by TikTok and WeChat

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Executive Order on Addressing the Threat Posed by TikTok

Executive Order on Addressing the Threat Posed by WeChat

And ….

U.S. Government Contractor Embedded Software in Apps to Track Phones
Anomaly Six has ties to military, intelligence agencies and draws location data from more than 500 apps with hundreds of millions of users
Consumers have no way of knowing whether software-development kits that can track their locations are embedded in their apps.

LibreOffice has long offered itself up as a free alternative to Microsoft Office, and today a major new version has been released. LibreOffice 7.0 sees a number of key changes and improvements, not least of which is greatly improved compatibility with Microsoft’s suite.”

Insecure satellite Internet is threatening ship and plane safety (https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2020/08/insecure-satellite-internet-is-threatening-ship-and-plane-safety/)
Ars Technica: This week at Black Hat, one researcher revealed how satellite-based internet puts millions of people at risk of attacks. The researcher, James Pavur (https://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/people/james.pavur/) , intercepted the streams of 18 satellites beaming to ships, people, and planes and found a ton of sensitive data in the streams, including session cookies, unencrypted data, and even an account reset for a billionaire’s yacht.
More: Cyberscoop (https://www.cyberscoop.com/aerospace-satellite-hacking-village-def-con-2020-pentagon/) | @shanvav tweets (https://twitter.com/shanvav/status/1291367849060175873)

Google and Facebook will have three months to agree to revenue-sharing deals with Australian media companies before independent arbitrators intervene under a new landmark code designed to tackle the market power amassed by the US tech giants. Draft laws unveiled by the Morrison government and competition watchdog on Friday will impose a raft of conditions on the digital platforms, forcing them to compensate news media businesses for using their content and be more transparent about their data and algorithms.”

Control Your State Legislatures
DO NOT ELECT QAnon Covidiots


Voters have given higher marks to Democratic governors who have moved cautiously on reopening than to Republicans who reopened early in response to Trump’s cues. That may offer Democrats their best chance to overcome the GOP’s entrenched advantage in state legislatures—which next year will draw local legislative and congressional-district lines that will govern elections through 2030.

Covid QAnon Stupid

Texas Republican Louie Gohmert, a renegade lawmaker known for stalking the halls of Congress without a mask, tested positive for Covid-19. Pelosi mandates wearing masks on the House floor after Gohmert case.

Facebook’s fact-checkers have ruled claims in Trump ads are false — but no one is telling Facebook’s users.
“Fact-checkers were unanimous in their assessments when President Trump began claiming in June that Democrat Joe Biden wanted to ‘defund’ police forces. PolitiFact called the allegations ‘false,’ as did CheckYourFact. The Associated Press detailed ‘distortions’ in Trump’s claims. FactCheck.org called an ad airing them ‘deceptive.’ Another site, the Dispatch, said there is ‘nothing currently to support’ Trump’s claims. But these judgments, made by five fact-checking organizations that are part of Facebook’s independent network for policing falsehoods on the platform, were not shared with Facebook’s users. That is because the company specifically exempts politicians from its rules against deception. Ads containing the falsehoods continue to run freely on the platform, without any kind of warning or label.”

Donald Trump is the most successful bio-terrorist in human history

Lysol and Dettol manufacturer tells customers not to inject disinfectants as possible treatment for COVID-19

ABC News: ‘They didn’t run the plays’: Ex-officials say Trump administration didn’t use pandemic ‘playbooks’.
“President Donald Trump proclaimed in late March that “nobody knew there’d be a pandemic or an epidemic of this proportion.”
Confronted with criticism of a lethargic national response, he lamented ‘a system we inherited’ from past administrations.
The problem with both statements, according to former public health officials, is that prior administrations not only “knew there’d be a pandemic,” they planned for it – extensively.”

TRUMP’S Complacency will kill more Americans
Italy has consolidated, or at least maintained, the rewards of a tough nationwide lockdown through a mix of vigilance and painfully gained medical expertise. Its government has been guided by scientific and technical committees. Local doctors, hospitals and health officials collect more than 20 indicators on the virus daily and send them to regional authorities, who then forward them to the National Institute of Health.

House Democrats find Trump officials overpaid for ventilators by as much as $500 million. “A report from Democrats on the House Oversight and Reform Committee released Friday finds that the Trump administration overpaid by as much as $500 million for ventilators and was slow to respond to an offer to accelerate shipments in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak. The report finds that the Trump administration paid the manufacturer Philips $15,000 per ventilator, more than any other American purchaser. Some purchasers buying as few as just one ventilator negotiated prices down to as low as $9,327 per ventilator, the report said.”

Mark Inch, Florida’s prison boss, tests positive for COVID-19. “After months of attempting to mitigate COVID-19′s spread through the Florida prison system, Department of Corrections Secretary Mark Inch is facing the highly infectious disease himself. In a press release sent late Friday night, the department said Inch and Deputy Secretary Ricky Dixon have tested positive for COVID-19 after visiting Columbia Correctional Institution and attending a Florida Sheriff’s Association conference July 27.”
Real-estate developer Jeff Greene, has three young sons. He decided to turn his 55-acre North Haven, N.Y., compound, which includes a main house and five smaller buildings, into a private outpost of the summer camp. ”


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