Jobs – 2020 Pandemic SIP Hiring List for unemployed InfoSec professionals


@Rob Fuller ( ) who hosts a hiring page around major security conferences like ShmooCon and DerbyCon around the U.S. has started a

2020 Pandemic SIP Hiring List for unemployed InfoSec professionals


The 2020 Unofficial Pandemic Shelter-In-Place Hiring List.
To get on the list is just complete the following form <here>

This is  definitely worth a look if you’re looking for work in these uncertain times.

One of the hard things about this pandemic is many people are either losing
their jobs or having a hard time finding a new one in general. It was suggested that I make one of these during this time.


“The explosive expansion of remote work during this pandemic, amplifying even further our already inescapable dependence on secure, robust digital platforms, underscores how critical it is that we not weaken or discourage basic security mechanisms such as cryptography.” ~ matt blaze

10 Years ago

Cobol Your universities and institutions, thought leaders, prominent folks would never be interested in these or speak about these. It’s a huge failure on all fronts IMHO. Neither have we modernized, nor are we prepared to continue to run these legacy tech/systems well.

NOW New Jersey needs COBOL programmers!

NJ’s 40-year-old system increases delays for unemployment checks amid coronavirus crisis

New Jersey officials vowed Saturday to speed up the processing of unemployment claims despite relying on a 40-year-old computer system that has been overwhelmed by the record number of requests due to the coronavirus crisis.
Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo said a plan to increase phone lines, train additional staff to handle claims and provide laptops to workers at home will help ease the crushing amount of claims being sought amid the economic meltdown brought upon by the virus.
“There is nothing I want more than to put your hard-earned benefits into your family budget sooner,” he said at Gov. Phil Murphy’s daily coronavirus briefing.
Recently jobless New Jerseyans have experienced heavy lag times or issues while trying to collect unemployment insurance, partly due to a “clunky” 1980s computer system that the Department of Labor still depends upon to process claims and issue checks.
“We literally have a system that is forty-plus years old,” Murphy said.
“There will be lots of postmortems and one of them on our list will be: how did we get here when we literally need COBOL programmers,” Murphy said of the outdated computer language.

Arvind Narayanan (@random_walker)
This is like the unrealistic movie trope we all chuckle at in which a few badasses in their 70s have to come out of retirement to save the world because a long-forgotten horror has resurfaced and they’re the only ones who know anything about it.

The governor of New Jersey just put out the call on live TV that he is desperate for Cobol programmers right now.

COBOL Is Everywhere. Who Will Maintain It?

Think COBOL is dead? About 95 percent of ATM swipes use COBOL code, Reuters reported in April, and the 58-year-old language even powers 80 percent of in-person transactions. In fact, Reuters calculates that there’s still 220 billion lines of COBOL code currently being used in production today, and that every day, COBOL systems handle $3 trillion in commerce. Back in 2014, the prevalence of COBOL drew some concern from the trade newspaper American Banker.

Cyber Version of ‘Justice League’ Launches to Fight COVID-19 Related Hacks
Goal is to help organizations – especially healthcare entities – protect against cybercriminals trying to take advantage of the pandemic.

Hackers linked to Iran target WHO staff emails during coronavirus

Hacking forum gets hacked for the second time in a year






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