Coronavirus Pandemic defense, analysis and data

Coronavirus Pandemic defense, analysis and data

April 3 2020 Boeing has temporarily closed its helicopter and tiltrotor manufacturing sites in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as part of wider company and national efforts to help contain the coronavirus pandemic. The shutdown of the Ridley Township facility affects the CH/MH-47 Chinook, V-22 Osprey, and MH-139A Grey Wolf production lines, and will last for two weeks from 3 April through to 20 April. Defence and commercial services work and engineering design activities are also performed at the site, and are similarly affected. Source: Boeing

April 3 2020 Covid-19: Disrupted VBIED attack plot targeting hospital indicates weaponisation of virus by far-right extremists in the United State
On 24 March, an individual identified as 36-year-old Timothy R. Wilson, who allegedly plotted to conduct a VBIED attack targeting a hospital, died during an FBI operation in Belton, Missouri.
Posts allegedly written by Wilson and other members of a far-right movement on Telegram demonstrate the literal and rhetorical weaponisation of Covid-19, which has become a force multiplier for neo-Nazi action and rhetoric.

April  3 2020 Lockheed Martin set to receive new PrSM development contract. The US Army is set to award Lockheed Martin with an enhanced technology maturation risk reduction (E-TMRR) contract for its Precision Strike Missile (PrSM) prototyping effort after Raytheon exited the competition.

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