We need the #ventilators now

#TRUMP needs to Use the Federal Defense Production Act to manufacture ventilators.

The feds have 20,000!

He won’t do it because says it is socialism.

Justice Warren


Really he wants his friends to make the money selling whatever they can sell and profit as much as they can – not give away anything that we already store for times like this.

“The economy will rebound, death is forever. “ -A Pathologist

Gov. Cuomo: “FEMA is sending is 400 ventilators. I saw it on the news this morning. ‘We are sending 400 ventilators to New York.’ 400 ventilators? I need 30,000 ventilators. You want a pat on the back for sending 400 ventilators? … You’re missing the magnitude of the problem.”

Stop airing Trump’s daily coronavirus show live

This is what the Religious Right really thinks about human life: if the price is right, it is all expendable. This is the economy of soul capitalism: their money is worth your life.

Trump considering “reopening” of America explicitly sacrificing lives for the sake of the stock market. This is a crime.

WARREN: 2% of every dollar over $50 million should be taxed.
REPUBLICANS: over our dead bodies
TRUMP: 2% of all Americans should die to save the economy from Coronavirus
REPUBLICANS: yes, dear leader

These senators need to be investigated–and long term, we could ban members of Congress from owning assets that could conflict with their positions.

A special interest group paid $700,000 to the president’s private business and two weeks later his administration announced its support of the policy the group wanted. We couldn’t paint you a clearer picture of corruption if we tried.

#washhands, #stayhome, #VoteBlue, #NotDying4WallStreet, #StayAtHomeOrder

The US response to COVID-19 must center human rights:

1. Accessibility and affordability of care
2. Disproportionate impact on certain groups
3. Social security and workers’ rights
4. Preventing stigma and discrimination
5. Protecting health care workers

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