Linda Ronstadt vs. Mike Pompeo

When Will I Be Loved ~ Mike Pompeo

Linda Ronstadt doesn’t need to worry about her future career. She doesn’t need to worry about her body of work. She doesn’t have to behave like a “well mannered nice female” who will just go up there and say thank you so much to the politicians of America when getting her award. Linda, is in bad health, she can’t sing anymore, she doesn’t have a lot of time left so……

At the State Dept. dinner for the Kennedy Center honorees Mike Pompeo wondered aloud when he would be “loved”. Then Linda Ronstadt got up to get laurels, looked the f^^ker right in the eye and said

“maybe when you stop enabling Donald Trump”.


“Talk of the town” 1942
This is your law and your finest possession. It makes you free people in a free country.
“Think of this country and the law that makes it what it is.
Think of the world crying for this very law. 
Then maybe you’ll understand why you ought to guard it and why the law has got to be the personal concern for every citizen, to uphold it for your neighbor as well as yourself.”

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