Betsy DeVos would not be in charge of the Department of Education without paying for it.

Betsy DeVos Asked to Justify Proposed $9 Billion Cut to Education Budget

Betsy DeVos Refused to answer Basic Simple Questions

Charter and private school grant program will allow discrimination based on LGTBQ and do not have to take any disabled or any 4:32 voucher student and follow AIP program like every public school. Vouchers come with Federal funds but a for profit school accepts a voucher – so if it is a private for profit school taking federal funds HAS TO ACCEPT EVERY KID THAT WANTS TO GO!

Betsy DeVos Caught Not Paying Taxes

Secretary of Education Betsy Devos is being criticized for a “60 Minutes” interview where she said she had not intentionally visited underperforming schools. Emma Howland-Bolton, an elementary school teacher with Detroit Public Schools joins CBSN to discuss the controversial interview.

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