99% vs. 1%

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Why is voter turnout so low? Because the poor and the working class have been disenfranchised. Chomksy sounds off.
“Take voting,” he continued. “The United States has a pretty high abstention level—people who don’t vote. And that’s been investigated with interesting results. … [U.S. non-voters’] socioeconomic profile matches those in Europe who vote for labor-based or social democratic parties. That sector of the population in the United States just doesn’t vote, because nothing represents them. There are no such parties.”
According to Chomsky and county-by-county data from the 2014 election, “Voting in that election was approximately the same as [voting] in the 1820s, when the vote was restricted to propertied white males; 2014 about the same level of voting, which tells you quite a lot about participation in what’s called a democratic society.”