China regulates WeChat instant messaging services

China regulates instant messaging services

BEIJING, Aug. 7 (Xinhua) — The Chinese government has passed a regulation that will require users of instant messaging services to use real names when registering in an effort to hold users responsible for content.
Targeting China’s 5.8 million public accounts on subscription-based mobile apps such as Tencent’s mobile text and voice messaging service WeChat, the new regulation will take immediate effect.
Registrants of public accounts are obliged to register with real names and reviewed by service providers before being qualified to release information.
First time users will be required to provide their real name, while users who have previously registered accounts will experience limited access to the instant messaging service.
Users shall abide by laws and regulations, the socialist system, national interests, the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, public order, social morality and ensure the authenticity of the information they provide, the regulation states.
Should users of such services break the terms, regulators will warn violators, limit their rights to release information, suspend their renewals or even close their accounts, based on the degree of the violation.
“Cyberspace cannot become a space full of disorder and hostility,” Jiang said.”No country in the world allows dissemination of information of rumors, violence, cheating, sex and terrorism.”