TMTS- The 10 Worst Innovation, Mercantilist Policies of 2013

FYI (the Sili-Valley/telecom-funded ITIF has coined the term “information merchantilism” to describe the policies of industrializing countries) . . .

Summary of Worst Mercantilist Policies in 2013:
 China: Scuttled the Information Technology Agreement through a refusal to
 Vietnam: Implemented localization requirements on Internet service
 Argentina: Expanded its “trade balancing” policies.
 Brazil: Prepared legislation that implements local data storage
requirements for Internet service companies.
 Uruguay: Implemented local content requirements for the construction
of wind farms.
 Russia: Initiated local content requirements for pharmaceutical
 India: Issued a patent denial for the cancer drug Glivec and a patent
revocation for the cancer drug Tykerb.
 Australia: Prohibited overseas storage of electronic health records.
 Canada: Developed a trend of invalidating life science patents for a
failure to fulfill the “utility” requirement.
 Ukraine: Listed by the United States Trade Representative as a
Priority Foreign Country on the Special 301 Report.