Why the ‘market theory’ of education reform doesn’t work

Marc Tucker, president of the non-profit National Center on Education and the Economy, in The Answer Sheet blog in The Washington Post.
“If you want to reduce the influence of teachers unions, and/or find something on which both major parties can agree, and/or punch the bureaucracy in the nose, and/or improve outcomes for families with more money and more education, and/or satisfy your quest for more personal freedom and/or indulge your entrepreneurial instincts, by all means support charters and choice. If you are looking for a way to create a school system at the scale of a nation or a state in which all students are performing at higher levels and the gap is closing between the best-performing students and those at the bottom, then be aware that there is no evidence, anywhere in the world, that choice and charters will get you there.”
Creativity is the least important, most important attribute and totally absent in the U.S. Federal Department of Education. ~ Karen Ellis
K12 . com  – Is your company product or service part of the Department of Education Redesign and inline with the republican “tea party” notion that the department of education should be dismantled?
Business Interests and been undermining K12 Education for over 100 years.
“Failure of Design” is class-based.