The Pennsylvania Secretary of Education caught cheating @ PA Test Scores for political ends.

The change involved treating charter schools as if they are districts, not schools.

In Reality There are no Standardized Test Scores –  there is only the Politics of Money.

Non of this has anything to do with K12 Education. This is  only about greedy pirates robbing the commons and using politicians and the unelected who were appointed to transfer our tax money to their private pockets.
The Pennsylvania Secretary of Education changed the state testing rules, without federal approval, to boost the scores of charters.
Over the summer, the state Department of Education requested a change in how charter schools’ test results are measured to determine adequate yearly progress under the law.
The change involved treating charter schools as if they are districts, not schools. This reduced the number of charters that failed to make adequate yearly progress.
The chief legal counsel for the Pennsylvania School Boards Association said “the change might give the Legislature the false impression that charter schools outperform traditional public schools as they consider bills supported by Corbett to expand the number of charter schools and change how they are authorized in Pennsylvania.”
PSBA pointed out that the new formula overstates the performance of charters. Because of the formula, “…44 of the 77 charter schools that PDE has recently classified as having made AYP for 2011-12 in fact fell short of the targets for academic performance that other public schools had to meet, some even declining in proficiency percentages rather than making gains.”
This is the intersection of politics and education, where the data are adjusted for political ends.
In an email, Tim Eller, spokesman for the state Department of Education, said Tomalis made the change to level the playing field for charter schools while awaiting federal approval.
“The secretary made a policy decision to apply grade span to charter schools for AYP purposes. We do not anticipate the U.S. Department of Education denying the amendment. Amending the Accountability Workbook is a routine process that is used by all states,” Eller wrote.
Why Most Published Research Findings Are False ~John P. A. Loannidis
It can be proven that most claimed research findings are false. As has been shown previously, the probability that a research finding is indeed true depends on the prior probability of it being true (before doing the study), the statistical power of the study, and the level of statistical significance.