New Law – Principles for protecting consumers' privacy online

Advertising industry code of conduct based on the Privacy Bill of Rights. Privacy Bill of Rights spells out how Web companies should handle user information. Administration urged Congress to enact them into law.

Privacy Bill of Rights

Consumers have a right to “reasonable limits” on the collection of their personal data and a right to access the data that companies have gathered on them.

Consumers have a right to control what data organizations collect from them and how they use it. Companies’ privacy policies should be easy to understand and companies must protect user data from hacking and leaks,

The Digital Advertising Alliance needs to tell all online advertising companies to  Create a “Do Not Track” button on Web browsers that will allow users to opt out of online tracking with a single click. All advertisers who have agreed to the rules from collecting data about them, except for certain information to prevent fraud.
THANKS TO Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz
The code would be voluntary, the Federal Trade Commission could file charges against any company that agreed to the standards and then violated them.

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