Feds seize 130 sites in Cyber Monday crackdown

ICE takes down any site they want, whenever they want.

Feds seize 130 sites in Cyber Monday crackdown

Bogus handbags no longer threaten the web By Kevin Murphy

According to online records, 131 domain names had their name servers changed to seizedservers.com an ICE-owned name server that directs all traffic to a place-holder stating that “This domain name has been seized by ICE – Homeland Security Investigations” and warning of the various criminal penalties associated with copyright infringement. Seized domains in this round primarily relate to the sale of branded goods. They include discount-louisvuitton-handbag.com, dvdsetonline.com and googlenfljerseys.com. The seizedservers.com name server currently hosts 372 domains. While many of the newly grabbed addresses are registered to individuals in China, all 131 are in the .com and .net zones, both of which are managed by VeriSign, a US-based company. ICE has previously stated that all .com domains fall under its jurisdiction, regardless of where the owner is based, due to the location of the registry. VeriSign has said that it cooperates with the seizures when it receives a court order.

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