The Great Google Book Grab

Google Books Digital Library and Bookstore and the monetiztion of libraries conflicts with copyright law.

                                  Boston Globe, July 24, 2009
Dan Clancy
Now that the settlement is dead, the Justice
Department should ask Google to stop all
scanning of in-copyright works, and place all
previously-scanned, in-copyright works that
were scanned without express permission
of the rights holder, in a dark archive. Google
can use them when opt-in permission of the
rights-holder is obtained, or when Congress
or the Supreme Court resolves copyright
infringement issues.

So what if we’re evil:
“We’re going full steam
ahead, no matter what happens with the settle-
ment.” —Dan Clancy, Google Books executive

Google Books Digital Library and Bookstore and the monetiztion of libraries conflicts with copyright law.

2011-03-22: Judge Chin rejects the settlement (PDF, 175 K)
Cynthia S. Arato: Settlement violates international treaties (PDF, 137 K)
Graphic artists sue Google
More French publishers sue Google
James Grimmelmann: Report on the fairness hearing
U.S. Justice Dept: Settlement 2.0 still sucks (PDF, 268 K)
Open Book Alliance files new objection (PDF, 91 K) files new objection (PDF, 422 K)
Consumer Watchdog files new objection (PDF, 47 K)
Indian authors and publishers file an objection
An antitrust complaint against Google in Germany
New York Times op-ed: On Google’s “computational arrogance”

Google apologizes to Chinese writers
Three writers groups send an open letter to Congress
Gillian Spraggs: A survival aid for UK authors (PDF, 200 K)
Canadian writers start an anti-Google petition
New York Times op-ed: Google is out of control
Google is sued by Chinese author Mian Mian
Ursula K. Le Guin resigns from the Authors Guild
National Writers Union: Settlement 2.0 FAQ (PDF, 149 K)
Google loses French copyright case
French president will block Google’s scanning
Europe will do its own scanning files another objection (PDF, 79 K)
November 13: Proposed amended settlement filed (PDF, 920 K)
Still nothing about reader privacy — will the FTC file an objection this time?
WSJ op-ed: Google and the copyright wars
Chinese writers: Google violates copyrights
Pamela Samuelson: Google Books is not a library
Angela Merkel: Google violates copyright laws
Google may show ads on library terminals
Google Scholar metadata is full of errors
Google on trial in France for book scanning
U.S. Justice Dept: Settlement should be rejected by the Court (PDF, 247 K)
Consumer Watchdog writes to the Justice Dept (PDF, 92 K)
Five state attorneys general file objections
Copyright Office: Settlement would let Google break the law (PDF, 64 K)
Google: We have lots of book-settlement fanboys  (so there!)
House Judiciary Committee hearing on September 10 (PDF, 288 K)
Microsoft: “The Court lacks jurisdiction(PDF, 168 K)
Consumer Watchdog files an objection (PDF, 138 K)
French government files an objection (PDF, 292 K)
Open Book Alliance files an objection (PDF, 242 K)
“29 months of secret negotiations” by a “cartel” bent on “monopoly”
EFF: Privacy objection by authors and publishers (PDF, 258 K)
DC Comics files an objection (PDF, 67 K)
Yahoo!: Google gets an unfair search advantage (PDF, 90 K)
EPIC: Motion to intervene on behalf of user privacy (PDF, 202 K)
IILP at New York Law School files an objection (PDF, 269 K) files an objection (PDF, 595 K)
German government files an objection
Google’s book metadata is full of errors
Vanity Fair: Is the settlement evil?  (it seems so)
Question:  “Google, why are you copying all the copyrighted books
at major libraries?”
Google: “Because that’s where the books are!

New website: Open Book Alliance
Open Book Alliance to oppose settlement
European opposition mounts against Google
The settlement and Eurpoean authors
Objection by Scott E. Gant (PDF, 399 K)
Brewster Kahle: A book grab by Google

ASJA says:  “Stop the Google-ization of copyright law
UC faculty writes to the Court: The settlement is unfair (PDF, 177 K)
Google muzzled us:
 “[C]onfidentiality rules…prevented us
from having an opportunity to comment on…the agreement.”

Pamela Samuelson: The audacity of the settlement
National Writers Union opposes settlement (PDF, 28 K)
Science fiction writers group (SFWA) opposes settlement
William Morris advises clients to say no to Google settlement
American Library Association takes a look
ACLU: Don’t close the book on reader privacy
EPIC: Google books settlement and privacy
Google-eyed U.Michigan gives away its library
Authors-publishers settlement with Google (PDF, 1.9 megs)

( But if your name is “Google” you may copy entire libraries. )

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