K12 Education Deform Diane Ravitch speaks truth to power!

School “Reform” Rhetoric: Intellectual Dishonesty and political Liars
Diane Ravitch ought to know cause she worked for Bush pushing his K12 education deform then realized she was working for the devil, and began to speak truth to power!
School For Profit School For Profit. K12 Inc., K12.com
K12, its employees and major stockholders spent about $44,000 supporting Luna; $25,000 of that was funneled to an Idaho interest group for independent advertising on Luna’s behalf.

“Simply stated, she believes (K-12 education) should recapture the strengths of the traditional public school system, incorporate a vigorous common curriculum and renounce many of the theories, practices, policies and programs that have constituted America’s major education-reform emphases in recent years,” wrote Chester E. Finn, Jr., president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute in a Forbes.com review.
Ravitch’s stance has earned special attention because as assistant secretary of education and counselor to the U.S. Secretary of Education under President George H.W. Bush, she advocated for many of the reforms measures she now questions. She also supported school choice and accountability measures implemented under “No Child Left Behind,” the signature education reform measure of President George W. Bush. But last year, she wrote in the Wall Street Journal that she became disillusioned and changed her mind.

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