Carla Benson, Pattie Labelle and the Sweeties

Carla Benson Ringleader on the Educational CyberPlayGround

CARLA BENSON—Lead Vocalist
Carla Benson Ringleader on the Educational CyberPlayGround
is an original member of MFSB. She sings the top note on most of the Philadelphia International Record’s hits. She has a Bachelor’s degree in music from Rowan University, and is a highly-trained classical vocalist (soprano). On more than a few occasions Carla would have to sing hit songs by day, and full operatic arias by night.

Carla Benson

Carla sang with Patti LaBelle for seven years,was featured in the movie, along with Johnny, “Standing in the Shadows of Motown,” appeared on the soundtrack of Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills Cop, toured with the Funk Brothers, and appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She left the Funk Brothers in 2004 to reclaim her roots— MFSB. Carla has the distinction of appearing on more hit records with more name artists than any other vocalist in the history of the record business.

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