Raptors in the City

Nesting season (and the Raptors in the City program) begins in late February 2011.

PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT New for 2011 “Raptors in the City”
How do you catch a glimpse of the fastest creature on earth? Go online! “Raptors in the City” is a real-time, inquiry-based science and technology program that stars the peregrine falcon. The peregrine has recovered from near extinction and was removed from the List of Endangered Species in 1999, one of the great success stories in the field of wildlife conservation.

This is a picture of a female peregrine falcon at the “Raptors in the City” program’s study nestsite. She is perched atop a “FalconCam” that broadcasts the nesting drama live on the internet courtesy of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Her nestbox is on a 12th floor window ledge, in the right background.
The online portion of Raptors in the City guides children through nesting season (roughly late February to June) as they watch the still rare falcons live via cameras mounted on a skyscraper. The curriculum supports one semester of study, and students learn environmental, biological, and technological lessons, as well as research skills, tied to national science and technology standards. Curriculum materials and books for falcon study are available at low cost. It’s easy – no software to install.
Nesting season (and the Raptors in the City program) begins in late February 2011.
This is a male chick hatched at the nestsite at age 4 weeks.
To subscribe to the free “Falcon Flash” e-newsletter, weekly bulletins and pictures from the program’s study nestsite during nesting season, reply to this message with “subscribe” in the subject.
For more information visit: www.raptorsinthecity.org
Photos are courtesy of Scott Wright, volunteer peregrine nest monitor.
Contact person:
Deborah Mathies, Teacher and Director
Raptors in the City program
Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

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