Yujing Zhang is not the first spy, before her there was Anna Chennault: the ‘Steel butterfly’

The Trump Organization owns the Palm Beach resort. 

It’s up to the STAFF of Mar-a-logo to ask people who they are NOT the Secret Service.  

Yujing Zhang is not the first chinese spy, before her there was Anna Chennault: the ‘Steel butterfly’ who charmed US and China. Also known by her Chinese name, Chen Xiangmei, she was a stylish fixture on Washington DC’s political circuit – but also an unofficial diplomat who skilfully navigated the currents and eddies of 20th Century politics. She met former US presidents John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon, and former secretary of state Henry Kissinger. She also met China’s Deng Xiaoping and Taiwan’s Chiang Kai-shek. All were reportedly impressed by the woman dubbed by the Washington Post as the “legendary steel butterfly”. “There can only be one Chen Xiangmei in the world, let alone the US,” declared Deng after he met her in 1981.

Zhang had two passports, four cellphones, a laptop and a hard drive, told a Secret Service agent her father was a club member and she was visiting the pool, the complaints states.

After a receptionist asked Zhang multiple times why she was visiting the club, she said she was attending a United Nations Chinese-American Association event; however, that event didn’t exist, the complaint states.

The receptionist determined Zhang wasn’t on the club’s access list and had her escorted off the property, the complaint states.

A Secret Service agent questioned why Zhang was at the club, and she again claimed she was there to attend an event focused on Chinese-American foreign relations, the complaint states.

During a second interview, Zhang told agents her friend “Charles” told her to travel from Shanghai to Palm Beach to attend the event and to talk to a member of Trump’s family about the economic relationship between U.S. and China, the complaint states.

Zhang, who is fluent in English, said she and Charles talked exclusively through WeChat, a popular instant messaging platform used in China, but agents were unable to determine who he is, the complaint states.

Zhang’s detention hearing is scheduled for April 8.