Womens Month: Donald You Can Do Anything Porn Star Presidency and the Republicans are all for it.

Women’s Month

Donald You Can Do Anything #PornStar #Presidency and the Republicans who are all for it.

In bed with the Chinese Communist Party and the Russian Communist Party

#NEVER FORGET The GOP Grab em by the PU**y Party

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“The Daily Caller has routinely posted abhorrent stories making fun of reported sexual abuse of children and teenagers by adult women perpetrators. A whole category of posts beginning in 2013 are tagged as “Teacher sex” on the site — more than 100”
Tucker Carlson’s right-wing outlet The Daily Caller has long advanced conspiracy theories, recently promoted Pizzagaters and white nationalists, and routinely propped up GOP policies with shoddy online writing, including from notorious plagiarizers. But there is one uniquely horrifying editorial element of this website that it deserves to be tied to forever: The Daily Caller has had a years-long, unchecked fixation with mocking survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
For years, The Daily Caller has routinely posted abhorrent stories making fun of reported sexual abuse of children and teenagers by adult women perpetrators. A whole category of posts beginning in 2013 are tagged as “Teacher sex” on the site — more than 100 in total. Taken together, they suggest that boys and young men cannot be victims of sexual abuse if the reported abuser is an attractive young woman who uses gifts or special treatment as a form of sexual coercion. The “Teacher sex” posts largely follow the same formula:

Report: GOP Florida Rubdown Tycoon Gave Thousands to Trump, Is Frequent Guest at Mar-a-Lago, and Hangs with POTUS
The woman who founded the massage parlor where Robert Kraft was busted is a major supporter of the president. VANITY FAIR

Cindy Li Yang’s Husband, Zubin Gong, Still Manages the First Spa She Founded. Patriots owner #Robert Kraft was charged in February with soliciting prostitution at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa, which was the second spa Yang opened.

China-born Cindy Li Yang, founder of Florida spa linked to sex trafficking and Robert Kraft prostitution case, attended Donald Trump’s Super Bowl party. Cindy Li Yang, a big donor to Donald Trump, is seen in a selfie posing with the US president. Yang founded a chain of massage parlors that included the Orchids of Asia spa where New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft allegedly received sex services.
Yang was not charged in the anti-human-trafficking operation last month that shut down 10 Asian day spas in Florida, none of which are registered to her or her family. Yang’s family still owns several South Florida spas. The family’s Tokyo Day Spa branches have attracted the attention of at least two local police agencies over allegations of prostitution, and are discussed online as places where men can pay for sexual extras.
“If you’re just wanting to get a ‘rub and tug,’ this might be one of the best places in West Palm Beach,”  ~ Miami Herald 

This photo taken at a NY fundraiser for Trump (December 8, 2017) was published in China Daily, so Cindy Li Yang, Tsinghua Uni alumnus, Cliff Zhonggang Li, and Cindy’s husband, Zubin Gong, seem important in US Chinese circles.

Cliff Zhonggang Li worked for IBM (Boca Raton) as an IT professional after his graduation from Tsinghua University (spys r us) and Florida Atlantic University. He’s been involved in export and software. He is an expert in e-Regulation having been lead architect

pics 1  — 2 —–3 —-4 —-5 —-6 pics

The site used the photos to demonstrate the access they could sell to clients. This photo is labeled “Philanthropist Terry, founder Yang Li and banker Mrs. Elizabeth Trump-Grau (President Trump’s sister), Li Zhonggang, director of the Asian Republican National Committee.”

“Safari Night Trump Manor Dinner (Jan 25, 2018).” This one is labeled “Founder Gong Zubin and banker Mrs. Elizabeth Trump-Grau (President Trump’s sister).”

“Cindy” Li Yang’s access and association to President Trump and his family now makes sense. China has granted 38 trademarks to Trump for businesses, including massage parlors and escort services. She is a naturalized U.S. citizen from China who started fund-raising for Trump in 2017.

Cindy (Li) Yang, the founder of a chain of spas and massage parlors that have been linked to sex trafficking, also used a consulting business she runs to offer to sell clients access to President Trump and his family at Mar-a-Lago, according to Mother Jones

“Cindy” Li Yang is an officer of two groups with ties to China’s Communist government – including a “non-profit” that she founded that promotes Chinese economic development through access to government and business leaders.

Cindy Li Yang, who still owns spas involved in human sex trafficking has pictures of many and events that she attended on her Facebook account. She is very close to many in Trump’s family, administration and his favorite Republican lawmakers.

USA Today

While Mother Jones’ examination on the website includes critical detail about a New Year’s Eve gala at Mar-a-Lago, a cached version of the website using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine from August 2018, examined by USA TODAY, also confirms the key points of the magazine’s story.

These were sex slaves. They had no choice. They weren’t earning the money. They lived at the facility. She is a slave owner. A sex slave owner. That was the report in this case. The president sold  access at Mar-a-Lago to Chinese business people while his friends are getting serviced. He exposed himself and the country to massive blackmail risk. Surely the IC and FBI are aware of this.

#ClintonCurtis, computer programmer, was asked by a #TomFeeney-connected company Yang to write vote flipping software. He tells the story to Brad Friedman (http://bradblog.com ) in this documentary “Murder, Spies and Voting Lies” [8:00 Yang Enterprises Tom Feeney vote Flipping Software.

@20committee “Several sources tell Cockburn that the Special Counsel has indeed completed his report. It is said to recommend indicting three of President Trump’s children – Don Jr, Ivanka and Eric – as well as his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.”

Don’t be fooled by people who say “meh, they were only selfies’. Just like the Russian NRA money the whole GOP knew exactly who and what Li Yang was.

“Legal dream team” for a misdemeanor rub and tug? Kraft has hired William A. Burck and Jack Goldberger.

lawyer in the George W. Bush White House and had a role in the screening of documents related to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s recent Supreme Court nomination. Kraft has also hired Jack Goldberger, the Florida lawyer who defended Jeffrey E. Epstein, a wealthy New York financier accused of trafficking underage girls for sex.

Alan Dershowitz or Kenneth Starr — the brilliant advocates revealed last week as the brains behind convicted sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s secret sweetheart deal with federal prosecutors in the Southern District of Florida.

Think about it: the eponymous puritan scold behind the Starr Report (largely written by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh), humiliating Bill Clinton for his sweaty sexual sins. Then in 2008, Starr helped to arrange what a federal judge called a “calculated plan by the prosecutor” to allow billionaire financier Epstein to serve a mere 13 months in a private Palm Beach jail he left daily to visit his office, while keeping the arrangement secret from the teenaged girls who’d been his victims. (Not notifying them was the illegal part.)”

The arrests of the three U.S. oligarchs – sting

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft; corporate buyout czar John Childs of Boston-based J.W. Childs Associates; and former Citigroup president and chief operating officer John Havens, the current chairman of Napier Park Global Capital, a Citigroup spinoffin addition to some 160 others, is said to have followed a six-month long multi-jurisdictional statewide investigation of a chain of sex massage parlor masquerading as “day spas” that employed Chinese female U.S. work visa holders as sex workers. WMR can report that Treasure Coast police departments, reminded of the outrage committed by Acosta by a recent three-part series published by The Miami Herald about the Epstein deal, decided to “declare war” on the sex trafficking trade and the involvement in it of big shots who live on the Treasure Coast, including Palm Beach, the location of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago billionaires’ private club.
Florida state corporation records reveal that Orchids of Asia, Inc. was incorporated by Zhang in 2012.

Court weighs unsealing records that could reveal new details of Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse

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