Whitefield Academy Religious Education Stinks in Kentucky


K12 Evangelical school expels a little girl because she wore a colorful Tshirt!

Kentucky teenager takes picture wearing rainbow shirt; school expels her for ‘lifestyle violations’

Head of school, Dr. Bruce Jacobson (502) 239-2509 • admissions@whitefield.org
Whitefield Academy is a Preschool-12 private evangelistic model of Christian education in Louisville, KY.

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Kentucky teenager takes picture wearing rainbow shirt; school expels her for ‘lifestyle violations’. “It was an email expelling Kayla from Whitefield immediately due to a post on social media,” Alford said.
The picture caught the attention of administrators of Kenney’s private school, the Whitfield Academy, who found no reason to celebrate with the teen. In fact, they called the image just the latest incident in two years’ worth of the student’s “lifestyle violations.”

Jacobson said the picture “demonstrates a posture of morality and cultural acceptance contrary to that of Whitefield Academy’s beliefs.”

She has now enrolled Kenney in a public school.

K12 EDUCATION in Kentucky gets a C-

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