The founders wanted Roberts to play an even strong role in Removal Trial

What is wrong with Judge Roberts?
Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. should play a strong role.

Hamilton said it was the “court of impeachments” the chief justice was meant to play a substantive, not just ceremonial, role in the “court of impeachments.”

“The Chief Justice shall preside,” in the Federalist Papers shows that the founders in fact wanted the chief justice to be much more than a ceremonial officer.

“He is a judge overseeing a trial, or even the vice president presiding over the Senate. he could rule on requests for witnesses and documentary evidence directly or break 50-50 ties in the event that the Senate votes on witnesses or documents. That means Democrats would only need three Republicans to join them in a call for witnesses, if Roberts agreed.”

World Peace!

BREAKING: “As Schiff finished up his roughly 3-hour presentation, there were as many as TWO DOZEN Republican senators out of their seats at once—a clear violation of the rules that bar senators from leaving their seats during the trial.” (Emphasis added.)

Laurence Tribe @tribelaw
@RepAdamSchiff is a one-man master class in effective advocacy. He’s spellbinding without showboating, clear as a bell without being boring, educational without being condescending, and piercingly logical without being pedantic.

Kamala Harris  @SenKamalaHarris
Let’s be clear about something. On Tuesday, every single Republican senator voted to block access to firsthand witnesses and relevant documents.
And now they have to gall to say that so far in the trial, they haven’t learned anything new.
They can’t have it both ways.