Actor Felicity Huffman is set to plead guilty in nationwide college cheating scandal.

Don’t the colleges know all about this?


What about the influence of alumni and university donors on the admissions process? We need to investigate the full extent of corruption in the system. #collegeadmissionsscandal #CollegeCheatingScandal

Felicity Huffman pleads guilty to paying $15,000 to have a proctor boost her daughter’s SAT scores. It is part of one of the largest college admissions scandals.

Huffman pled guilty on Monday to allegations of paying $15,000 to rig her daughter’s SAT score as part of a nationwide college admissions cheating scheme. US Attorney prosecutors are recommending that Huffman spend four months in federal prison and pay a $20,000 fine.

Felicity Huffman admitted to paying $15,000 to help improve her daughter’s SAT score, writing in a statement that she “accepts full responsibility” for her actions and “will accept the consequences.”

Felicity Huffman and Devin Sloane are sworn in for their plea colloquies. Judge Talwani notes she seldom does multiple guilty pleas at once, but is doing so in this case due to the large number of defendants.

Judge Talwani accepts the waivers of indictment. Neither Huffman nor Sloane has been indicted by a grand jury in this case. Instead, they are charged by what’s styled a criminal information … used when a suspect intends to plead guilty.

Felicity Huffman worked with Rick Singer to use Mark Riddell to correct her daughter’s SAT, the teen received a 1420. Huffman wrote Singer “Ruh ro” ala Scooby Doo, when her daughter’s high school wanted to proctor the SAT, but Singer was able to have the girl test elsewhere.

Judge Talwani: “Miss Huffman, do you have any dispute that you reached an agreement and ultimately paid Mr. Singer $15,000 to enable Mr. Riddell to correct your daughter’s SAT test?” Felicity Huffman: “No, your honor.”

Oakland woman files $500-billion class-action lawsuit this week against dozens of wealthy parents caught up in the #CollegeCheatingScandal

50 Rich people charged with bribing their way into college


Multiple lawsuits are filed for more than $500 billion accusing Yale, USC and more of letting students ‘waste’ money applying for elite schools when it’s actually rigged in the wake of college admissions cheating scandal

  • Two Stanford students, Erica Olsen and Kalea Woods, filed a $5 million class action suit on Wednesday
  • Parent Jennifer Kay Toy filed a separate $500 billion lawsuit saying her son was not admitted to some colleges because wealthy parents cheated and bribed 
  • The Stanford students said they never would have wasted their money applying for Yale or USC if they had known the schools were ‘rigged by fraud’ 
  • Both students claim their degrees have been devalued by the scandal because potential employers may question whether they were admitted on merit 
  • Third student linked to college admissions scam still attending Stanford, additional $500K in donations to sailing team found — While former Stanford University sailing coach John Vandemoer pleaded guilty to accepting $270,000 in bribes from a bogus charity to “recruit” two teens with little boating experience, the college said Thursday it has discovered the program took in another $500,000 in donations from the same nonprofit linked to a third student who still attends the school.