Elizabeth Warren says her plan to eliminate student loan debt can bypass Congress


Elizabeth Warren says her plan to eliminate student loan debt can bypass Congress on the first day of her administration, using legal tools.

She will direct her secretary of Education to begin to “compromise and modify” federal student loans up to $50,000 for 95% of those with outstanding student debt, or 42 million people.  She would forgive up to $50,000 in student debt for individuals with household incomes under $100,000.


She introduced a bill over the summer to cancel the bulk of the nation’s outstanding student loan debt.

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Warren released a letter written to her by three legal experts who vouched for the legality of a president canceling student debt through executive action. The experts, based at the Project on Predatory Student Lending at Harvard Law School, described such a move as “lawful and permissible.”


The experts, Eileen Connor, Deanne Loonin and Toby Merrill, cited a provision of a sweeping higher education bill passed in 1965 under President Lyndon Johnson. The provision grants the Education secretary the authority to “modify” existing loans, they wrote, adding that the secretary “has the authority to modify a loan to zero.”

but …. NOT SO FAST

Towards Effective Adjudicative Ethics by Jonathan A. Weiss Esq. 

Higher education expert Mark Kantrowitz said that authority did not extend to all student loans.

Mark Kantrowitz makes all his money on the back of the public selling  how to get those loans. FinAid was originally founded by Mark Kantrowitz


Mark Kantrowitz ~ “The U.S. Department of Education does not have the discretionary authority to cancel student loan debt except in limited circumstances specified by the statute, such as death, disability or closed schools,” Kantrowitz said.

Likewise, the authority to compromise debt is limited to situations in which the borrower demonstrates severe financial distress.”

He also serves as publisher of PrivateStudentLoans.guru, a web site that provides students with smart borrowing tips about private student loans. Mark has served previously as publisher of the Cappex, Edvisors, Fastweb and FinAid web sites.


Luke Herrine, CURRENTLY a Ph.D. student at Yale Law School was legal director of the Debt Collective, which successfully lobbied for the debt forgiveness of thousands of for-profit college students. As I just explained to a reporter, the meaning of a law depends on the political context in which it is interpreted/used. Changing the political context means changing the way the law can be used. Part of what Warren’s announcement today does is change the political context.

SEE The Law and Political Economy of a Student Debt Jubilee


Executive Action as Power Building: A Response to Professor Doerfler

ISA = Indentured Servitude Agreement

is planning to morph federal student loans into investor-owned indentured-servitude agreements (ISAs).

Tuning in at #FSATC2019 for a mystery session, added at the last minute, on a new experiment through Ex-Sites Initiative on “investing in student success.” Telling that this is the only non-keynote session led by a political appointee and wasn’t included in the printed materials.


Dershowwitz former attorney for Epstein is Trump’s Impeachment Defense Team who appeared on flight logs 11 times

#Dershowwitz former attorney for Epstein is Trump’s Impeachment Defense Team who appeared on flight logs 11 times

Dershowitz got a great deal for Epstein so he will get Trump off too.

#PublicCorruption The Department of Justice #Barr is Corrupt

Both Starr and Dershowitz were previously members of the Epstein defense team. In 2015, victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed a lawsuit against Epstein, claiming that he recruited her as a “sex slave” at the age of 15, sexually abusing her for years in his private jet as well as his various residences in New York, New Mexico, Florida, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Giuffre said he “always took care of paying” her after she “entertained” his friends. Her alleged abusers included British royal Prince Andrew as well as Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz; both of their names appeared on flight logs from Epstein’s planes that were published by Gawker after Giuffre’s filing. In her affidavit, Giuffre claimed to have had sex with Dershowitz on Epstein’s airplane with another girl present.
Dershowitz, a former attorney for Epstein, appeared on flight logs 11 times.

Alan Dershowitz was reportedly identified as participating in Epstein’s sex ring by at least two of the women engaged in a 2007 case against Epstein.

Alan Dershowitz

Two different women have said they were trafficked by Epstein and “directed” to have sex with the prominent Harvard law professor. Giuffre says that after she was recruited to be a masseuse for Epstein and coerced into having sex with him, she was told that she had to have sex with other men, including Dershowitz. Separately, Sarah Ransome, who sued Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell for alleged sex trafficking, says she was directed to have sex with Dershowitz. The attorney has denied the claims from both women.

Giuffre’s attorney Paul Cassell, a former federal judge, told the three-judge panel that his client favored a “broad unsealing” of the records in a suit that Giuffre brought against Ghislaine Maxwell, an Epstein friend accused of helping procure girls for Epstein and others to engage in sexual activity. “It will demonstrate Epstein and Maxwell sexually trafficked her to Epstein’s friends, including Alan Dershowitz,” Cassell told the court. “She wants all the documents unsealed substantively.”

Jeffrey Epstein jail logs: Accused child sex predator met with Alan Dershowitz, Bill Clinton friend, alleged co-conspirators a decade ago

Wealthy financier and accused child sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein had a revolving cast of characters take turns visiting him in a Palm Beach County, Florida, jail while serving a 13-month criminal sentence in 2008 and 2009, according to visitor logs reviewed by CNBC on Friday.

Those visitors included Epstein’s appeals attorney Alan Dershowitz, who showed up on New Year’s Day 2009, as well as Arnold Paul Prosperi, a college friend of former President Bill Clinton, documents show.

Giuffre was working as a spa attendant at Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump’s winter home and resort in Palm Beach at the time, court records show.

Trump, who lived less than a mile from Epstein’s waterfront mansion in Palm Beach, had also been friends with Epstein. Records show that he flew on Epstein’s private jet on occasion and attended parties and social events where he was photographed with Epstein.


Film – The Secret History of Hacking

The Educational CyberPlayGround, Inc. sends Love to Jim Warren a true Patriot.

[An Oldy but Goody]

From: Jim Warren 5/19/00
It’s time the media started labeling these viruses correctly!

The media didn’t call the World Trade Towers bomb, “the Ryder Truck bomb.”They didn’t call the Unibomber bombs, “US Postal Service bombs.”

They should stop mislabeling computer viruses by their *innocent* carrier — the Internet.

They should start labeling them what they are: “Microsoft Outlook Express virus” or “Microsoft Explorer virus” or “Microsoft Word macro virus (reputedly the single largest source of viruses for years!).”

Or more briefly — and accurately — just call each one, “the latest Microsoft virus.”

Let’s ask the major media, below, for some *truth* in labeling — giving “credit” where credit really is due. Let’s ask them to stop shooting the messenger, and start naming the real origin — the errors and dangers that Microsoft has built into its products for *years*.

Jim Warren – The Secret History of Hacking

This is a company protecting their assets (software) from reverse engineering and modification to run on hardware which they do not support….
Oh NO! Have we really come this far? So quickly?!
Is someone really ACCEPTING that reverse engineering should be prohibited?! (That is, someone other than massive corporations’ thought-monopoly patent attorneys.)
While a tech columnist in the late ’80’s, I received a “back-channel” copy of a “radical” proposal by IBM, “secretly” outlining how they might go about quietly getting WIPO to — for the first time in history — outlaw reverse engineering. At the time, it was considered a wildly radical idea.
(The World Intellectual Property Organization is the unelected UN agency that “harmonizes” i.p. law between nations, administering more’n 20 international i.p. treaties, to assure equal repression for all.)
Hell, it’s only been a bit more’n 20 years since software was even first deemed patentable!
In the 40-or-so years before that, such monopolies were NOT permitted. Which didn’t seem to harm the likes of IBM, AT&T, Bell Labs, Digital Equipment, H-P nor any of the other companies that grew fat and rich offering products including software that was NOT patentable. That notably included the first ten years or so, of both Apple and Microsoft (which got its start in operating systems using a reverse-engineered version of the then-most-popular CP/M operating system … which, itself, was modeled after Digital’s old TOPS-10 OS).
And in fact, ALL of those companies happily and routinely reverse-engineered competitors’ products — fueling innovation and speeding improvements, for the benefit of all. But now … we see folks not just accepting the repression of software patents. NOW we see ’em even just ASSUMING that reverse engineering SHOULD be prohibited!
Sheesh! If we still had spring-driven mechanical clocks, no doubt their manufacturers would now zealously sue any time someone offered instructions about how to open their “proprietary” clock-cases, much less offering guidance as to their detailed operation! And I certainly hope that no one ever dares to disassemble their bicycle, to see how its gearing works! — jim warren @justjim36
Jim Warren, open-govt & tech-civlib advocate & sometime columnist —


Do Want to be Smart too?

What you can do

Kentucky needs more of this kind of dialog with people who are willing.


RELIGIOUS Whitefield Academy Education Stinks in Kentucky

Jim ~

“Well … Kentucky IS the state that kept electing Moskow’s Mitch to “represent” them.

<snarling sigh>”

Scientists Establish A Link Between Brain Damage And Religious Fundamentalism

The difference between the two lies in the fact that religious beliefs are not usually updated in response to new evidence or scientific explanations like empirical beliefs are. Because of this, religious beliefs are strongly associated with conservatism, meaning that they are fixed and rigid. That is why conservatism is therefore used to help promote predictability and coherence to the rules of society among individuals within the group.

Religious fundamentalism is defined as “an ideology that emphasizes traditional religious texts and rituals and discourages progressive thinking about religion and social issues.” Anything that questions or challenges religious fundamentalists beliefs or way of life is generally opposed.

Trump Hired Televangelical Scammer Paula White

The Comingling of Church and State F^ck the Prayer Breakfast
Jeff Sharlet’s book “The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power.” Published on Jul 24, 2019
It’s not about faith. It’s about power. The Family explores the history of a quietly powerful religious organization with strong ties to US politics.
Meet The Family on August 9, only on Netflix:


Paula White Leads Evangelical Leaders in Prayer Over President Trump



New Florida Board of Education Chair:
“I won’t support any evolution being taught as fact at all in any of our schools.”

Florida’s new Board of Education chairman, a citrus farmer named Andy Tuck, said about the theory of evolution when he was the vice-chairman:
“As a person of faith, I strongly oppose any study of evolution as fact at all. I’m purely in favor of it staying a theory and only a theory. I won’t support any evolution being taught as fact at all in any of our schools.”
Tuck was appointed by Florida Governor Rick Scott.
School Board Vice Chairman Andy Tuck said, “as a person of faith, I strongly oppose any study of evolution as fact at all… I won’t support any evolution being taught as fact at all in any of our schools.”#evolution #education #Florida https://t.co/BoQBFrjZJb
— Secular Students (@SecularStudents) August 3, 2019
The New Florida Board of Education Chair, Andy Tuck: “I won’t support any evolution being taught as fact at all in any of our schools.”

Historic day for women we now have the 38 States to Ratified the ERA

38th states approve the ERA and now demand constitutional change.

The U.S. Department of Justice issued an opinion that said the expired deadline means the ERA cannot be ratified.

The religious right mobilized to block it.

Watch Season 1 Now on Netflix

This documentary is inspired by Jeff Sharlet’s book “The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power.”

Watch in Full

An enigmatic conservative Christian group known as the Family wields enormous influence in Washington, D.C., in pursuit of its global ambitions.


Top 5 Voted The Most Evil Companies in Tech

Top 5 worst companies out of 30


#1 Amazon  Jeff Bezos
#2 Facebook Mark Zuckerberg
#3  Alphabet Sundar Pichai
#4 Palantir Technologies  Alex Karp
# 5 Uber Dara Khosrowshahi

by @felixsalmon
 & others

Virgin Islands allege Jeffrey Epstein trafficked girls as young as 11 as recently as 2018

Virgin Islands allege Jeffrey Epstein trafficked girls as young as 11 as recently as 2018

Jane Doe 43 v. Epstein, et al
Little St. James Island
little St. James

Putin wants to be President for life!

Russian government resigns as Putin proposes constitutional changes
Moves seen as possible steps toward keeping Putin in power beyond 2024 limit when it will force him to leave the presidency.


Experts said the changes were opening moves to lay the ground for Putin to retain power after 2024, even if he is no longer in the president.

How the Health Insurance Industry (and I) Invented the ‘Choice’ Talking Point

Health Care – “consumer “choice”” is a lie.

Without Medicare for All, the Healthcare System Will Collapse – Wendell Potter RAI

It was always misleading. Now Democrats are repeating it.

By Wendell Potter
Jan 14 2020

There’s a dangerous talking point being repeated in the Democratic primary for president that could affect the survival of millions of people, and the finances of even more. This is partly my fault.

When the candidates discuss health care, you’re bound to hear some of them talk about consumer “choice.” If the nation adopts systemic health reform, this idea goes, it would restrict the ability of Americans to choose their plans or doctors, or have a say in their care.

It’s a good little talking point, in that it makes the idea of changing the current system sound scary and limiting. The problem? It’s a P.R. concoction. And right now, somewhere in their plush corporate offices, some health care industry executives are probably beside themselves with glee, drinking a toast to their public relations triumph.

I should know: I was one of them.

To my everlasting regret, I played a hand in devising this deceptive talking point about choice when I worked in various communications roles for a leading health insurer between 1993 and 2008, ultimately serving as vice president for corporate communications.  Now I want to come clean by explaining its origin story, and why it’s both factually inaccurate and a political ploy.

Those of us in the insurance industry constantly hustled to prevent significant reforms because changes threatened to eat into our companies’ enormous profits. We were told by our opinion research firms and messaging consultants that when we promoted the purported benefits of the status quo that we should talk about the concept of “choice”: It polled well in focus groups of average Americans (and was encouraged by the work of Frank Luntz, the P.R. guru who literally wrote the book on how the Republican Party should communicate with Americans). As instructed, I used the word “choice” frequently when drafting talking points.

But those of us who held senior positions for the big insurers knew that one of the huge vulnerabilities of the system is its lack of choice. In the current system, Americans cannot, in fact, pick their own doctors, specialists or hospitals — at least, not without incurring huge “out of network” bills.

Not only does the current health care system deny you choice within the details of your plans, it also fails to provide many options for the plan itself. Most working Americans must select from a limited list made by their company’s chosen insurance provider (usually a high-deductible plan or a higher-deductible plan). What’s more, once that choice is made, there are many restrictions around keeping it. You can lose coverage if your company changes its plan, or if you change jobs, or if you turn 26 and leave your parents’ plan, among other scenarios.

This presented a real problem for us in the industry. Well aware that we were losing the “choice” argument, my industry colleagues spent millions on lobbying, advertising and spin doctors — all intended to muddy the issue so Americans might believe that reform would somehow provide “less choice.” Recently, the industry launched a campaign called “My Care, My Choice” aimed in part at convincing Americans that they have choice now — and that government reform would restrict their freedom. That group has been spending large sums on advertising in Iowa during this presidential race.

This isn’t the first time the industry has made “choice” a big talking point as it fights health reform. Soon after the Affordable Care Act was passed a decade ago, insurers formed the Choice and Competition Coalition and pushed states not to create insurance exchanges with better plans.

What’s different now is that it’s the Democrats parroting the misleading “choice” talking point — and even using it as a weapon against one another. Back in my days working in insurance P.R., this would have stunned me. It’s why I believe my former colleagues are celebrating today.


Propaganda uses “words that work” to tell lies.

Health Care “It is staggering how much the United States is more expensive.”

A billion a year in health care costs, $15 billion of which comes from insulin.

A billion a year in health care costs, $15 billion of which comes from insulin.

FOIA Parnas message records from the State Department

Read this Thread

Many of the messages between Parnas and Robert Hyde, a Trump donor who was apparently assisting Parnas in Ukraine, were sent in late March 2019 — dates when Giuliani was in touch with Sec. of State Mike Pompeo, according to records we obtained.


State Department Releases Ukraine Documents to American Oversight