ECP NetHappenings 12/30/2020 Afternoon Edition

ECP NetHappenings 12/30/2020 Afternoon Edition

Remind me again …. What is the definition of Treason?

“During her interview with the 1/6 Committee Ginni Thomas admitted that she was talking with her husband Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas while she was trying to overturn the election in 2020.”

Jan 6 committee finds Overstock founder paid for a group of Proud Boys to fly on a private jet to attend Jan 6 rally.

Transcripts: Jared Blocked Biden Transition From Covid Planning
Jared Kushner personally ordered the Biden administration to be excluded from Covid-19 planning after Biden won the 2020 election, a Jan 6 committee witness told investigators.

In case you want an example of actual government interference in media
NEW: Russia and China signed a high-level agreement in 2021 to cooperate on propaganda. We found the full text in a trove of hacked Russian documents. With @Alexey__Kovalev  THREAD

Andrew Weissman is reporting on MSNBC that Trump 2016 campaign manager and convicted felon Paul Manafort made a deal with Putin to help Trump get elected. In return Trump would not oppose his invasion of Ukraine, nor would Trump allow weapons to be sent to Ukraine. Sounds right.

Rep. Schiff: Mark Meadows has ‘no moral compass’
Rep. Adam Schiff: “People like Mark Meadows, people like Jim Jordan, people like Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell understood exactly the danger Donald Trump posed but standing up to him was not as important as the position they held or the one they wanted.”

President Donald Trump is a national security risk and should have his clearance and passports suspended immediately.

Kushner wanted to let COVID run rampant through the blue states. And now we see he REFUSED to permit a smooth, safe, informed transition to the new administration re: the pandemic. Trump “intentionally downplayed” the danger, causing avoidable COVID deaths. Yet NO ACCOUNTABILITY!

President Donald Trump’s tax returns have just been released. You can download the zip file by the House Ways and Means Committee here:

So Trump tax returns show he had accounts in China, UK, Ireland and St. Martin. Yes, China. World’s biggest hypocrite, phony and liar.
He had a bank account in CHINA while he was President of the United States of America.
The clip from 2020 in which Trump says he closed foreign bank accounts in China. FALSE.

Trump’s tax returns have been released, but the IRS still needs to be investigated for failing to audit Trump
The IRS Really, Really Should Have Audited Trump The failure to do so is outrageous and needs to be investigated.
By Noah Bookbinder

Get this: in 2020, Donald Trump claimed he closed his foreign bank account in China before running in 2016. But Trump’s newly-released tax returns show he *did* hold foreign bank accounts in China in 2016 AND 2017. Trump lied to voters. And it’s about time he is held accountable.

Hackers linked to Chinese government stole millions in Covid benefits, Secret Service says

You can’t take Apartheid out of Elon. Elon’s Dirty Musk He was too cheap to pay the people who clean up after him a living wage so he decided everyone will just live/work in their own filth. As a blue collar union member I’ve never been a fan of musky. The treatment of his employees, anti union propaganda, pro Putin, anti trans rights, the alternative science and health facts. He’s a threat to our health and safety. Billionaires are not ours friends! Especially musky. Likening Twitter’s situation to a crashing plane, Elon conveniently omits that (a) he put it in the nosedive and (b) his solution was to fire the pilots and cut the wings off.

<strong>George Santos is not only a fraud & a liar… he’s a criminal wanted in Brazil on criminal charges of elder fraud and check forgery.
Have we sunk so low that it’s even a question a total fraud is able to take a seat in congress?

Why don’t year-end summaries about the economy mention this year’s record high corporate profits, unprecedented levels of corporate concentration, highest-ever CEO pay, or record levels of corporate political contributions in a midterm election?

Moms for Liberty is a hate group that is anti-diversity, anti-inclusion & anti-LGBTQIA+. Sign this petition to demand that @MarriottIntl @Marriott refuse to allow them to hold their national convention (in Philly) or any other event at a Marriott property.

Sam Bankman-Fried is likely to enter a plea of not guilty, per WSJ. Sam Bankman-Fried is likely to plead not guilty to eight counts of fraud at a hearing next week, according to a source close to the matter.
His parents $4M house is on the bail. Oh wait, that house is actually owned by Stanford University and his parents just have a short term lease worth basically nothing.
He won’t run. He *should* be more afraid of the depositors he swindled. Probably safer in jail.

Dendrocentric AI Could Run on Watts, Not Megawatts
Artificial intelligence that mimics dendrites could enable powerful AIs to run on smartphones instead of the cloud”Electronics that mimic the treelike branches that form the network neurons use to communicate with each other could lead to [#AI] that no longer requires the megawatts of power available in the cloud”:

MicroStrategy is willing to launch solutions powered by Bitcoin Lightning Network that could reach millions of users.
MicroStrategy’s Executive Chairman – Michael Saylor – said the company intends to roll out Bitcoin Lightning Network-powered solutions and applications next year.
The business intelligence firm previously planned to launch an enterprise Lightning Wallet and Lightning servers and was looking to hire a software engineer to be in charge.

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