A naked bike ride today

Eric @eric_tullyI witnessed a beautiful interaction today let me share it with you. My city had a naked bike ride today to bring awareness to more sustainable environmental practices. Along their ride they ran into a Freedom Convoy protest (Canada’s equivalent to MAGA). 1/5 #yeg

To my good fortune I happened to witness what unfolded. Our brave naked cyclists with wangs and breasts waving in the summer air, rode confidently into the thick of it. Well reader the scene that unfolded before my eye’s was glorious. 2/5 #yeg

Pearls were clutched, horrified gasps were uttered, people turned purple in apoplectic prudishness. Our bare assed bicyclists rode into the crowd dismounted and took a group photo and then in a truly inspiring display of body positivity and peaceful political activism rode away 3

Leaving a wake of horrified and exasperated faces behind them. I tell you reader, those people were shook to their cores today by what they saw. These people thought they could come and spread their hate and not be challenged. 4/5 #yeg

This would have been a challenging strategy to execute in February. But in July, in Canada…

Naked cyclists kick freedum ass…


Me: OK. I’m gonna walk downtown naked, carrying a Pride flag, an abortion rights sign, and smoking a joint.

MAGA: No, not like that…

You would think the folks who called masks face diapers would understand the tyranny of pants.

Wow a naked cyclist ride in communist Canada. We are just so oppressed in this country. Great thread

Chicago, that “hell hole,” as some people call it, also has an annual naked bike ride. This year it was in June.

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